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19 Oct 2009, 15:38

hello all-
Another week and we're back with a giant batch of great new Slumberland singles, a fresh new podcast and those 20th anniversary shows.

||||| Frankie Rose delivers debut solo single |||||
Haunting pop from Brooklyn's Frankie Rose. Timeless music that recalls the ghosts of 60s girl group sounds, Brill Building songwriters and the 80s/90s/00s continuum of Black Tambourine, The Aislers Set and her previous groups Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. Pitchfork cited her song "Where Do You Run To?" as one of the best of 2008, and now with much anticipation we are excited to bring you Frankie's debut 7". Recorded at Marlborough Farms Studio with Gary Olson, Kyle Forrester and Crystal Stilts' J.B. Townsend, Thee Only One is a perfect slice of surf-tinged noise-pop.
For more info, mp3 and ordering:

||||| First solo record since 1995 for Gregory Webster |||||
Lovely 12-string folk-pop from one of out all-time favorite artists. From Razorcuts to Saturn V to Sportique, Mr. Webster has always delivered the goods, and we're pleased as punch to have Promised Land, an understated gem of a single, on Slumberland. Simplicity rules throughout, complementing the naked honestly of the songwriting. Gregory's signature 12 string sound is augmented by haunting harmonium accompaniment from The Birthday Girl (Vatican Cellars) and beautifully uplifting vocal flourishes provided by Pam Perry of Slumberland's own legendary Black Tambourine.
For more info, mp3 and ordering:

||||| The Mantles release super-limited tour single |||||
A stop-gap single for their just-completed tour, this Slumberland/Dulc-i-Tone co-release is only be available via mailorder from the labels. 300 copies, all swirly color vinyl, the single features two exclusive songs not available on the brand new Siltbreeze LP. "Bad Design" has the lazy drive of a "tougher" Bats -- hungover with a shot voice and a negative attitude. On the flip, "Rachel" is zoned-out and inescapably psychedelic album out-take.
For more info, mp3 and ordering:

||||| The Bats make a welcome return to vinyl |||||
Brilliant four song EP from these New Zealand pop legends. After 25 years and 7 classic albums, The Bats' pastoral folk/pop and top-notch song-craft continues to thrill. The Don't You Rise EP gathers up four tunes from 1998 and 2003, helping to complete the discographical picture leading up to the release of their current album, "The Guilty Office."
For more info, mp3 and ordering:

||||| Sarandon and The Membranes proclaim Death To Trad Rock! |||||
The Membranes noisy post-punk classic Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder gets a 2009 re-rub from Sarandon - dig the howling chaos. To sweeten the deal we've put the 1984 original on the flip. This insane noise was a key part of the 80s underground and a crucial complement to the smart pop being released by labels like Pink and Creation, and we're very pleased to be able to bring you a small, influential slice of it. Death to trad rock!
For more info, mp3 and ordering:

||||| Stew heads back to the Kitchen |||||
Stew Anderson is not only one of our favorite musicians of all time, he's also a record collector of the highest order. His new "Kitchen Sounds #3" podcast continues his series with a shedload of rare and excellent DIY treats. With babies and cows and bands and a label I can't imagine where he finds time to dig up these podcasts, but I sure am grateful that he does!
Check it out:

||||| Twentieth Anniversary Shows |||||
Finally, we're ready to announce the details of our Slumberland 20th anniversary shows. So far we've booked parties in DC and NY; both shows feature line-ups that combine bands from the current Slumberland roster with some very exciting reunions of bands from our past: The Ropers, Nord Express and Lorelei. We're still working on setting up West Coast shows too, so if you can't travel to the East Coast for these gigs don't lose hope!
You can see more info and get tickets here:

||||| Coming soon |||||
In a few weeks we shift back into LP mode with Brilliant Colors' debut album and a brand new LP from our Bostonian heroes Pants Yell!. And hey, we are already working on 2010 releases. Can't stop, won't stop!

Until next time-
Ma and Pa Slumber


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