Album Endings


12 Ago 2008, 20:12

Pearl Jam's Riot Act inspired me to write a first draft about one thing I love in albums: the ending.

It's not like I want them to end, of course. I listen to albums as if they were movies. Sure, there's the odd single that catches my ear once in a while; but it's the great albums that stay in my memory -- you'll find a few of them displayed on my profile page. And like a movie, no album is right without a proper ending.

I hope to spare a little time to highlight many other wonderful endings, but here I'll stick to what so spontaneously prompted me to write this note. And that reason was: All or None. It's a gentle, deep, all-encompassing confession accompanied by a subdued guitar that gently but steadily takes you home until the album fades into silence.

It's one of the few songs I can keep playing until I'm absolutely sick of it. And it brings back the memories of the last years of university, where such music fit so well with the late night projects.

Pearl Jam might have willingly disappeared from the mainstream machine, but it's comforting to know they are still there making wonderful music. And who would predict that 10 years ago?


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