• Random musings - 1:42 AM - June 26/2008

    26 Jun 2008, 8:18

    It really is amazing, the albums that you manage to dig out of the back of the closet. Or the depths of the hard drive, as it happens to be in this case. I hadn't listened to "Is This It" in such a long time that I forgot how great an album it was, and how expectant we were of this seemingly prolific, here-to-fore unknown band, The Strokes. (Of course, then you try really hard not to think about "Room on Fire")

    In very seemingly strange correlary, the same applies to the debut album by The Donnas, their 1997 self-titled. It's a blast of pure adolescent fun, delivered fast and raw, like a female version of the Ramones, jacked up on caffeine and cheap booze raided from their parent's liquor cabinets. The longest of the twenty tracks clocks in at two minutes and forty-eight seconds. but the majority of them don't break the two minute mark. Quick, brash musical assaults in the spirit of punk. It's sad that they get written off as a cheesy pop band by most, as they really have put out some really pleasing music over the years.

    On a totally different tack, lets take a moment to grieve for the Blood Brothers (though they're new incarnation Jaguar Love sounds really promising - the three track EP was awesome). I didn't stumble upon the Blood Brothers until late in their career, but when I heard the opening salvo from "Young Machetes", I was hooked. I still think "Burn Piano Island Burn" was their real high point though.