• CD order from France (to the US)

    21 Nov 2010, 15:59

    The band is Lethian Dreams. Bleak Silver Streams is an album of dark, heavy melancholic doom with a variety of vocal styles, ethereal female vocals, death vokills, and low spoken clear vocals, sometimes blending together in unique ways. This is an excellent album, recommended to those who like .

  • CD order from India (to the US)

    18 Nov 2010, 17:55

    Rat King is a duo from India. However, their music is not ethnic, it is dark experimental. Highly original excellent dark experimental music with some industrial and metal influences. Great, great stuff that should get far more attention than it does.

  • CD order from Austria (to the US)

    12 Nov 2010, 8:30

    The band is Obsidia and the cd is Back to Darkness, actually an ep with 5 songs. Musically, they are similar to early Tristania and The Sins of Thy Beloved, perhaps. Very worthy music!!! Very nice cd booklet with lyrics and artwork. Great stuff.........

  • Metal Has Lost It's Greatest Icon

    17 May 2010, 11:28

    Sing me a song, you're a singer. Do me wrong, you're a bringer of evil. The devil is never a maker. And, the less that you give, you're a taker. It goes on and on and on... Heaven and Hell!

    Whenever I think of the greatest frontman in metal, I think of Dickinson, Halford, and Dio...... Either of any of those three would be what I consider the greatest singer to front a metal band.

    However, when I try to think of who truly is heavy metal's greatest icon, there is no question. RONNIE JAMES DIO. He popularized the devil horn hand sign. He had a brilliant career with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio. He personified and projected what metal is all about. No bullshit rock star attitude.

    Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) REST IN PEACE

  • Epica, Volume 11 Tavern, Raleigh, NC 27 FEB 2010

    5 Mar 2010, 6:49

    Sat 27 Feb – Epica, Threat Signal, Blackguard

    You've got to like a band whose setlist includes "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)" from Star Wars. But beyond that, Epica was sooooooooo great! Nice set, I think at least an hour and 15 minutes. Nice selection of songs, but I kind of wish they had played The Phantom Agony. It doesn't really matter because they were beyond great............

    Blackguard played a short killer set. 2nd time I've seen them. I bought their cd. Musically, they remind me a little of Turisas, but thrashy and aggressive.

    Nearing the end of the tour, I guess Epica's merch table was running out of stuff. I wanted a Design Your Universe shirt, but they were sold out, but I did manage to pick up a very cool The Divine Conspiracy longsleeve............

  • Fri 19 Feb – Nile, Immolation, Krisiun

    22 Feb 2010, 4:57

    Fri 19 Feb – Nile, Krisiun, Immolation, Rose Funeral, Dreaming Dead
    Another huge crowd at Volume 11 for a killer metal show.

    I missed Rose Funeral, and got there in time to see the end of Dreaming Dead's set, which I was impressed with but didn't really see enough to comment. I was really there to see the 3 veteran death metal bands.

    Krisiun, being my 3rd time seeing them, KILLED. Straight ahead war metal. Immolation is a bit more refined but still very heavy. Great classic styled death metal band.

    And Nile, incredibly fckng awesome raw as hell mind-blowing technicality. Who knew that Egyptian themed music could be so EVIL...............

    I was able to buy Immolation's new cd at the show before it officially comes out.

  • Sun 17 Jan – Korpiklaani, Týr, Swashbuckle, White wizzard

    18 Ene 2010, 10:59

    Sun 17 Jan – Korpiklaani, Týr, Swashbuckle, White wizzard

    Splash-n-thrash pirate metal, an inflatable palm tree on stage, heathens from the Faroe Islands, Finnish folk drinking songs, folk dancing in the mosh pit, a guy in bear suit crowd surfing, a reindeer skull and antlers on the microphone stand, and general metal mayhem on a Sunday night in Raleighwood, North Carolina. :)

    Swashbuckle Týr Korpiklaani ᛏᛣᚱ
  • Milestones

    24 Dic 2009, 11:29

    Last.FM Milestones1st track: (27 Feb 2007)
    Thorns - Existence
    1000th track: (01 May 2007)
    Nile - Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten
    2000th track: (26 Jun 2007)
    Deceased - Craving Illness
    3000th track: (27 Aug 2007)
    Emperor - Towards the Pantheon
    4000th track: (26 Oct 2007)
    Melechesh - The Arrival Ritual (Instrumental)
    5000th track: (24 Dec 2007)
    Black Horizons - Falling
    6000th track: (31 Jan 2008)
    Blut aus Nord - The Sounds of the Universe
    7000th track: (21 Mar 2008)
    Dark Fortress - Throne Of Sombre Thoughts
    8000th track: (15 May 2008)
    Ved Buens Ende - Carrier Of Wounds
    9000th track: (09 Jul 2008)
    Tenhi - Keväin
    10000th track: (16 Sep 2008)
    Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets
    11000th track: (29 Nov 2008)
    Vital Remains - At War With God
    12000th track: (09 Feb 2009)
    Septic Flesh - Persepolis
    13000th track: (10 Apr 2009)
    Helloween - Metal Invaders
    14000th track: (11 Jun 2009)
    Goblin - The Swan
    15000th track: (11 Aug 2009)
    Paradise Lost - Yearn For Change
    16000th track: (05 Oct 2009)
    Sonata Arctica - Deathaura
    17000th track: (29 Nov 2009)
    Illidiance - Countdown to Annihilation
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  • Sat 5 Dec – North Carolina Death Fest

    7 Dic 2009, 11:29

    Sat 5 Dec – North Carolina Death Fest

    Sitting here on a Sunday, watching NFL football, I can't help but notice the Budweiser commercials proclaiming their superior "drinkability." While I no longer partake of the alcoholic beverages, I do understand this concept.

    Let's, for a moment, apply this concept to metal bands. Does a particular band have LISTENABILITY?

    The North Carolina Death Fest pales in comparison in size and stature when compared to bigger fests like the Maryland Death Fest and New England Death Fest, and it's a showcase for demo level bands and lesser known established bands. 14 bands altogether at Volume 11 on a Saturday.

    I drove the 80 miles up to Raleighwood from Fatalville, getting there too late to see Infidel and a bunch of other bands that I really wanted to see, but I did get there to see Rapheumets Well, epic black metal with keys but still aggressive. Great stuff.

    There was a really decent crowd, all real metalheads. No trends at this show. Next up was Short Bus Pile Up from Virginia, extreme gurgling , and very, very good at what they're doing.

    Now it was time for the highlight bands. Bloodsoaked is just one guy onstage, guitarist and vocalist, playing behind some digital drums. But, man. Seeing Bloodsoaked play live is not just a metal show, it's an EVENT. The mechanized drums actually fit the sound, which is nothing but old school true and bloody death metal in the classic style. FCKNG ASTOUNDING. The crowd worked itself into a pit action frenzy. Atrocious Abnormality guest vokilled on an Obituary cover. They were filming this set for a future dvd, and Bloodsoaked was GIVING AWAY copies of the latest cd! But, it is worth the 10 bucks that I paid for it when I ordered it from Comatose Music. Website:
    Check out this killer vid:

    Following Bloodsoaked was the underrated Atrocious Abnormality. Brutal tech gore grind. Fckng awesome set. Website:

    After Bloodsoaked and Atrocious Abnormality, the crowd thinned out considerably, but there were still a number of people on hand for New Jersey's Sapremia. Sapremia is a throwback to the early 90s. Well, not really a throwback because they actually started out in the early 90s. Now, you might consider Sapremia to be unoriginal, but I will say that this band definitely has LISTENABILITY. They were fckng GREAT, and so is their latest release called With Winter Comes Despair on Open Grave Records. Classic styled death metal. Website:

    By the time A Vision Grotesque appeared onstage, it was late, it was cold inside the club as the temperature dropped outside, and there was less than 10 people left to watch the band play, which was a fckng shame, because they were really great. They play melodic death metal, very impressive, with well written songs. Great band. Website:

    I picked up this cool Sapremia longsleeve:

  • Some Really Good Albums I Got On Emusic

    2 Nov 2009, 7:04

    Elysian Blaze - Levitating The Carnal (2006)
    This is great, great black ambient doom..... Many attempts at the black ambient genre come out lo-fi and monotonous. But, this RULES.....

    Tristitia - The Last Grief (2000)
    Damn, one of the best doom metal albums I've ever heard. Great mix of melancholy, aggression, and atmosphere, with some nice acoustics thrown in. Note that the other albums by Tristitia feature death metal vokills, but for this album, they use a straight ahead heavy metal vocalist. Excellent clear vocals on this one. File this album under progressive dOOm!

    Seance - Awakening of the Gods (2009)
    This is a fairly new album by the re-formed classic old school death metal band from Sweden, Saltrubbed Eyes being one of my fave albums of all time. So, how would they fare after such a long absence? This sounds new, fresh, intense, and it really just blew me away. Killer album.....

    Arghoslent - Hornets of the Pogrom
    This is some kind of killer no holds barred blackened thrash speed death traditional metal stuff..... Raw, heavy, intense, and very enjoyable. :)

    Umbra Nihil - Gnoia (2005)
    This album will definitely become a huge favorite of mine. Umbra Nihil (from Finland) is death/funeral doom with some psyche prog tendencies. Actually, there's a wide range of sounds, classical, experimental, folk, but everything is well constructed and pieced together. Sometimes somber and sometimes oppressive, the music envelopes the listener. Songs are very long, but with many changes and the instrumentation is fantastic. Vocals, when they do appear, are low death doom, almost whispering. How can something so progressive still be so dark and deep?

    Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road (2008)
    This is epic black metal with some interesting pagan folk nuances. The album mainly consists of 4 lengthy tracks, and the vocalist is female but strictly a harsh style. It's mostly guitar heavy mid paced black metal riffing, but when keys and acoustics are used, they are very effective. The song construction is high level. The main members are from Kyrgystan (relocated to Germany), and The Great Silk Road refers to trade routes travelled by caravans from China, India, Persia and other countries carrying silk, jewels, ceramics, slaves, and other goods to the Roman Empire and European countries from ancient times through the Middle Ages, and the album by Darkestrah reflects the mystic journeys. Darkestrah has made a dark, adventurous masterpiece.

    Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale (2006)
    Slow atmospheric funeral death doom from Draconian member Johan Ericson. Melancholically anguished and sorrowfully brilliant.

    Monumentum - Ad Nauseam (2002)
    The only thing I'd heard by this band from Italy was the 1989 demo Musaeum Hermeticum, which was re-released in 1999, but this album is light years ahead of that one. Industrial gothic avant garde metal with an almost disturbing doominess pervading throughout. You'll either love it or hate it, though. Of the two reviews that I found on the net, one loved it and one hated it. I absolutely loved it.

    Krisiun - Southern Storm (2009)
    Krisiun from Brazil is brutal death with some blackish thrash elements. This is an unrelenting killer barrage of war metal.

    EMUSIC is wayyyy cheaper than Itunes! They still have a shit ton of great STUFF. If you are considering a subscription, let me know so I can refer you and get some free downloads. :)