• Buckethead and That 1 Guy

    23 May 2008, 5:57

    Wed 19 Mar – Buckethead, That 1 Guy

    It seems I have forgotten to write about this one, heh.

    Brought my girlfriend along for this show, much like the Anberlin show. This time, however, we stood pretty much front row-right (there were a bunch of small children in front of this) and had an awesome view of the stage.

    That 1 Guy opened, and was even more awesome live than in recording. He paused between songs just to converse with the crowd and was met with some guys screaming "I LOVE YOU!" and "SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!!" and was rather funny himself. The Magic Pipe is more impressive live than in recording too, as ou can see how intricate it is. The guy also plays a boot. You can't get much more awesome than that

    Buckethead was also awesome. He came out as if he were being remote controlled by some guy standing off ont he other side of the stage, danced around for a while and then started playing. Later he went through his usual nunchaku bit. Having never read about or seen a live Buckethead show, I was surprised when he came out with a black garbage bag and started to throw stuff out. My girlfriend caught this and gave it to me:

    It was a nice souvenir. In the end, we left early, which was a bit unfortunate, but whatever. It was still pretty cool
  • Tool in Spotuckey

    29 Ene 2008, 1:18

    Fri 7 Dec – Tool

    bleh, forgot about this one. For good reason though...

    Getting there was pretty interesting. It was the first time I've driven really down town myself in years. Got a tiny bit lost, but found it with plenty of time. It was also cool to meetsamroth in real life, after nearly two years of online correspondence.

    Upon arrival, I was shocked to see the lines. When I went to the unholy alliance tour at the same venue, there weren't half as many people. Ended up standing in the wrong line for ten minutes, freezing nearly to death, then moving to the lower line, which was much longer than that of the incorrect line.

    Finally got inside after about 45 minutes of waiting in the lower line for floor access. Security was incredibly tight compared to any other show I've seen, but that's expected really. Going through the ticket taker was also quite a disappointment to me, as she gave me the wrong part of the ticket stub back. Regardless, I was happy to be somewhat warm.

    Unlike the unholy alliance show, they had the entire arena floor and seating opened up. for the other show, it was only half of it. Everyone was filing in and security was telling us all to sit on the floor, something I hadn't ever seen done.

    Music started about a half hour later with Trans AM. I had never heard of this band, and they were not listed as opening the show anywhere that I could find. I really didn't like them much. It was too electronic for me (mind you, I like electronic music, but I am not a fan of it live) and had too few vocals in my opinion. I feel that they had a really strange sound and were kind of had kind of a weird show. It was about half-way through this, however, that I realized that I tend to get a bit claustrophobic, and ended up moving to the back of the crowd.

    Tool was something amazing though. I hadn't ever really seen anything similar. Maynard opens up referring to us as Spotuckey and with a opposable thumb check, then proceeding to have us get ready to ride by grabbing our butts (note: he used the A word, but I feel it's important to keep writing clean :D). The music was great, and the visuals were spectacular. Large screens behind the band made it impossible to see more of Maynard than his silhouette facing to the side and never to the crowd (he's apparently stated reasons for this. I've heard stuff about not liking the idea of "front man" and/or his stage fright or something). After that it was straight music. Nothing more was said between songs, they just kept going and it was great (I wouldn’t think so if it was anyone other than Tool). The lights were also amazing. I'm quite a fan of light shows, the inclusion of lasers (PEW PEW) was pretty great and something I know is wide spread but I have not seen personally before. The screens in the background added quite a nice touch. Playing the music video along with he song Schism, as well as other animations along with the other songs. It was quite a thing to see.

    Definitely worth the $60 ticket and the cold to go. Ended up getting the limited edition poster ($20 for a tiny little strip of paper, I feel it was a worthwhile rip-off, the arena overprices everything). I just hope it was worth it to samroth who traveled all the way from Alaska to see this show.
  • Anberlin Show

    28 Dic 2007, 5:58

    Tue 27 Nov – Anberlin, Metro Station, Beaf
    I guess it's about time I get to this, while I still remember part of it... Let's start out by saying that at the time, this was possibly the best show I've ever seen. It was fairly small, but there was quite a bit of energy from everyone. Dunno, it was great.

    Beaf opened. I went to high school with one of the members so I'm pretty slated against them, so I'll just overlook that part of the show.

    Then, Metro Station played. I hadn't seen a signed group tune do their own sound-check stuff in my life, so this confused me pretty bad when they started actually playing. I hadn't ever heard them either. Much like Ill Niño and Opiate For The Masses, I found a new group to listen to by seeing them live. However, I find that I really don't like them as much on recording. It's funny though, because everyone around me was counting how many "f-bombs" were dropped while they were on stage. It was as if none of them had ever seen a secular group play before, regardless of the christian venue.

    Anberlin was amazing. They sounded great and knew how to entertain. Most of my favorite songs were played. I was also very surprised when they pulled out the acoustic guitars for The Unwinding Cable Car, and Time & Confusion made for a great encore song.

    It was also great because it's music that my girlfriend and I both enjoy, and that's a fairly rare occurance, so it was fun to have her along.
  • Unholy Alliance 2006

    18 Jul 2006, 2:15

    Ticket Stub:

    I actually went to this show with my dad. It was kind of strange but whatever. Get there and was hoping that I'd be able to get down into the pit, but come to find out, there were 2 different ticket types, seating and general, and we just happened to get seating. But oh well, not bad seats.

    Thine Eyes Bleed opened up the show. I had obtained the album from a friend long before the show because I wanted to hear the bands I was going to so maybe I'd recognize the music. But honestly, I have no idea what songs they played. Not that I'd remember, too many bands played over the night.

    Mastodon played next. The only song I really liked was Blood and Thunder, otherwise there really wasn't much about this band in my opinion. They did put on an awesome show, but it honestly wasn't anything very special.

    Children of Bodom played after that. They were the band I went to the concert to see over all others. I'm glad I didn't pass up the chance to see them. They put on an amazing show. They sound awesome live. It gave me goosebumps when they played In Your Face. Dunno why, but it was amazing.

    Lamb of God was also one of the best that played. After they got the stage set for them, "El Fucko" came out and played around with the crowd. I had no idea what was going on, and when I saw him come out, I thought Insane Clown Posse was making some sort of surprise appearance, and almost left. But no, this guy was funny. They played a new song too, Redneck Lamb of God definitely put on a good show though.

    Slayer, the headliner, one of the greatest bands of all time, and definitely my favourite life show to this date. The room was completely dark, and you hear the intro to South Of Heaven, the place was intense with anticipation. Instead of just having a large flagged backdrop behind them, they had a screen, and they played projected video on that screen. It was pretty cool. A lot of flashing lights too. It was almost worse than But still an amazing show.

    All in all, it was a great show to see. I'm glad I went, and my dad said that he enjoyed it more than the expected he would. I still wish I could have gotten into the pit. But it was still a good show from the seats.
  • the emo game!

    8 Jul 2006, 5:20

    I take my top10 artist and check how many tags they have:
    1. SR-71 - 12
    2. Static-X - 14
    3. The Used - 840
    4. AFI - 346
    5. Rage Against the Machine - 41
    6. Sonata Arctica - 9
    7. Lostprophets - 152
    8. Slipknot - 49
    9. DragonForce - 3
    10. Dope - 2

    That adds up to 1468.

    Than I take the top 10 artists and check their tags:
    1. Taking Back Sunday - 1366
    2. My Chemical Romance - 1282
    3. Fall Out Boy - 1194
    4. Dashboard Confessional - 1059
    5. Death Cab for Cutie - 990
    6. Jimmy Eat World - 978
    7. Brand New - 864
    8. The Used - 842
    9. Bright Eyes - 823
    10. Funeral for a Friend - 779

    And that adds up to 10177.

    Then using a simple equation emo = ( 1468/10177 ) * 100% I calculated the emo precentage: 0.1442468 X 100%

    And I'm ... 14.42% emo!
  • Bands I've seen live.

    19 Nov 2005, 17:43

    Motion City Soundtrack - 7/17/08
    The Spill Canvas - 7/17/08
    Sing It Loud - 7/17/08
    Buckethead - 03/19/08
    That 1 Guy - 03/19/08
    Tool - 12/7/07
    Trans AM - 12/7/07
    Anberlin - 11/27/07
    Metro Station - 11/27/07
    Beaf - 11/27/07
    Slayer - 7/16/06
    Lamb of God - 7/16/06
    Children of Bodom - 7/16/06
    Mastodon - 7/16/06
    Thine Eyes Bleed - 7/16/06
    Static-X - 11/18/05
    Ill Niño - 11/18/05
    Opiate For The Masses - 11/18/05
    Lostprophets - 9/08/04
    Letter Kills - 9/08/04
    Kutless - 7/28/04
    Relient K - 7/26/04
    Audio Adrenaline - 7/24/04
  • Static-X, Ill Niño, Opiate for the Masses.

    19 Nov 2005, 17:32

    Trevor and I went to the Start a War tour show at the Big Easy. Met up with Kyle, Steve, Chris, Jeremy, Chad, and Alycia.

    Opiate For The Massesopened,and I must say, they are fucking nuts. Their drummer is insane. He plays almost 100% for show and has an incredible talent. It's just nuts. Like, he pulls out his sticks and shows off a bit without hitting a thing. They are quite good. I had never heard them before and I now have a new band added to my list of favorites.

    Ill Niño was great too. They are also a band that I will have to buy. They put on an insane live show.

    Static-X. I stayed on the floor for maybe 4 songs of these guys but by that time, I was tired of all the energy I used through opiate. It was insane. It's completely dark. No one is out. Then you hear the tuba sound from I Want to Fucking Break It and they walk out and the lights go up and the guitars blow. and the crowd goes crazier than they were 10 minutes before Static came out. Which was crazy. Moshing started before the music. It was kinda awesome. I ended up holding on to Kyle for dear life and leaving the pit 5 songs after Static started. It was just.. Nuts.

    Great show. Great show.