Correct spelling - artist and track spelling auto-correction - 12 Steps to…


5 Feb 2009, 14:30

The artist and track spelling auto-correction is here. And it's far from perfect yet.

After this feature became active. Listeners of the Menn Ársins track "12 Steps to the Liquor Store" Have been redirected to an older spelling of the track name, a spelling the band used before the album came out. The spelling used before the release of the album was "12 Steps 2 the Liquor Store".

As anyone can see in tracklist from the Menn Ársins album info. Then the artist himself made that way of spelling the tracks very very clear.

I can't help but wonder how on earth came to the conclusion it came to.

I would appreciate if listeners would flag and suggest corrections accordingly!

Thank you! :-)
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