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  • iThae

    Haha, harsh! :[ Okay do that, good! I'll dream of sleep. o,o Thanks and see ya around then! Nights~

    Ayer 12:32am Responder
  • iThae

    Okay :D Going to check it when I got the time! Yup definitely, I can imagine myself.. kinda.. ew

    Ayer 12:21am Responder
  • iThae

    Alright, I should get em, dont have either.. but now I have Mr. Big on the same playlist and every time I hear a song from them, I wanna listen MORE.. I feel like you on your teen years.

    Ayer 12:05am Responder
  • iThae

    Haha good to hear you've got some sense in you atleast. Alright, you've still got a while then! Oh I've got a bunch of albums aside from that :o Guess I'll listen a bit.

    Ayer 11:49pm Responder
  • iThae

    Oh, I don't suggest doing what I am, though.. XD You'd still get bunch of hours if you go! Be the wise one!

    Ayer 11:38pm Responder
  • iThae

    Yeah, but that'd require me to fall asleep rather quickly and I doubt I'd fall asleep for an hour.. Aw, hey, I did listen to you when we made the pact! I already appreciate the effort <3 but now I'm listening to music.. can.. not.. sleep..! ..Today I feel like being a rebel. xD YOU, should sleep though, for a good 8 hours.. or atleast 6!

    Ayer 11:19pm Responder
  • iThae

    Well, I think it's already too late, 3 hours of sleep now won't do much.. or maybe it might, but hey, dumb plans for dumbass people. If you're a freak, I'll be a dumbass. I'm sure I'll regret this later, that is right! YAY, thanks for the 169th shout, will you shout at me ever again though? ='[

    Ayer 11:07pm Responder
  • iThae

    Haha you're totally right xD Okay, yea seems nice :) Damn my brain is working slower every minute, but I can do this. Oh, no, I have this master plan you know.. To not sleep at all so I have a slightly better chance to sleep on the plane. Genius huh? Nah.. I'm dumb, but yea.. thats the plan XD I'll send ya a message from there sure, when I find the wifi!

    Ayer 10:59pm Responder
  • iThae

    xD I'm like so to myself once a year or two when I post some pic.. Haha, well I like seeing others selfies too, just so you know! ;) Oh I don't really have the grasp on this tagging and hashtagging and what not thing.. 4 hours and I'm going D; Plane leaves at 8 tho.. Pray the gods that I can sleep in it!

    Ayer 10:39pm Responder
  • Dr-Feelgood81

    The best ones ;)

    Ayer 10:26pm Responder
  • iThae

    Ahah I see xD Fan of selfies? Haha I hate my own ones too.. maybe I will bring it on ;O ..sumtime! D: Okay that's really cool then :) Wasnt aware its super interactive, haha, its great. Yeah the compability is looking awesome, keep on listening to great music, girl! >:)

    Ayer 9:58pm Responder
  • iThae

    Okay okay! I'm more of a idgafist.. or something. You're not? Aw, cuz I got a few photos of myself like that and thats about it, but okay wont publish..! :( But I get ya, it seems kind of a community over there xD

    Ayer 8:52pm Responder
  • iThae

    You into the norse mythology? :D Yeah guess you're right, I try not to follow every useless user so my thing wont get filled with something I dont enjoy xD A public diary, why not, I've never kept a private one, so idk. XD

    Ayer 6:19pm Responder
  • iThae

    I hope not XD It kinda is haha.. I'd prefer hanging out & drinkin beer ;) I probably do, hahah.. for sure thats fun, I'm not sure that's my style though :D Maybe I'll get dragged into it slowly though..

    Ayer 5:44pm Responder
  • iThae

    Oh I see.. Yeah for sure I'll hang out at the wifi place all vacation.. It could, it could, hahah.. filling my ig with beach pics.. well idk I'm so demanding on what I put there, thats why I've only got 1 XD Ah, I'll follow ya then! >:O

    Ayer 5:33pm Responder
  • iThae

    Yeah, my 169 isn't even far away! Ah, I see, but you don't really 'chat' in instagram do you? I'm kinda clueless, I have it and even posted one photo and sometimes scroll others photos but that's about it. xD I'm on facebook quite often, well not so probably in Italy due to no internet but at home atleast. Yah guess we'll have to! ;D

    Ayer 4:33pm Responder
  • iThae

    You've got 69 shouts.. I'll ruin it and give you a 70th.. Anyway, yeah I figure ain't the best for mobile XD I'm mostly on WhatsApp. And facebook aside lastfm, I can throw ya my infos in ur inbox if you use either! :D

    Ayer 2:23pm Responder
  • iThae

    Haha :D Well, we've had like 3 days entire summer that it's been actually warm outside, inside its fine.. I guess I'll be fine there xD Ah, I see, hope it works on mine atleast, cuz would you manage a week without me spamming? D; DONT THINK SO!

    Ayer 1:31pm Responder
  • iThae

    I'll try my best to do so! Alright, well, guess I won't bother with it then xD Not like I listen to music for scrobbling anyway, would of been neat tho XD Gonna see if the website works, would imagine it's fine with Chrome

    2 Jul 12:22 Responder
  • iThae

    Okay, I'll find out.. I guess they are, haha, but I never feel like eating right when I wake up xD And yeah, no time, unless first meal of day counts as breakfast xD By the way I'm flying to Italy tomorrow morning.. Know any cool iPhone app for xD

    2 Jul 12:03 Responder
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