Best tracks


20 Nov 2007, 2:53

Adios Amigos (Marit Bergman)

Professional Killer (KMFDM)
A bunch of f***ing commies but at least this track is good.

Polyester Bride (Liz Phair)

Cheek to Cheek (Sahara Hotnights)
"Sahara Hotnights" or "Swedish Hotchicks"?

Hypocrite (Lush)
Sale of the Century (Sleeper)
Connection (Elastica)
Britpop was good once

Chinese Burn (Curve)
Toni Halliday... enough said.

Heresy (Nine Inch Nails)

Access (DJ Misjah and DJ Tim)
The best of NRG

Injected With a Poison
Praga Khan
Are you listening to me?

Bug Powder Dust
Bomb the Bass

Girl Laying Down
Anna Ternheim

No Good (Start the Dance)
The Prodigy
Before they went all slow the Prodigy was a good simple rave outfit.

Are You All Ready?
Tony De Vit
The king of NRG. Saw him live in NZ.

Binary Finary 1998 (Matt Darey remix)
Paul van Dyk
One the best trance tracks ever.

Higher State of Consciousness
Josh Wink


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