a bloody good song acoustic addictive air guitar time alternative always raises a smile amazing amazing bass amazing guitarness australian awesome band who have fed me most often belle and sebastian best of t-break bet this profile is a confusion of little-known bands with the same name bit weird blackredbluegreen mix bouncy breathing bric-a-brac 2 camden crawl 07 catchy check this out childhood listening dance dissonant melody dot-to-dot 07 electro electronic emo emo in the face epic crazy rock with vaguely emo subject matter experimental female female vocalists filthy mainstream crack fin mix find this freaking odd from simi funny get dancing get out of my head now please gig that most nearly killed me good guys who can sing higher than me guys who have made fun of me harmony has been drinking again hilarious increment by increment indie indie folk indie pop indie rock instantly stuck in my head instrumental jaunty kickass like to throw things out of windows love it lovely madness ensued melodic dissonance mix 2 for fin mix1 nice drumming nme no broth just moth noisy noisy fun not the artist i mean but one with the same name oh well nottingham odd overrated pop post-hardcore post-rock quiet but it grabs you rediscovered loves remix rhysmix ridiculously young rock scottish seen djing seen live shape and culture vulture mixtape singer-songwriter sounds like the smiths tctc the next untouchable theatrical tom bellamy turn it up twee unintentionally seen a million times vaguely western-sounding weird but pretty cool well its a one two three take my hand and come with me xfm sessions