Mothers Day


9 May 2010, 12:21

Sunday is the day my band practise. But not this Sunday, because it’s mothers day (oh yeah... whoops)

Mothers day is a kinda weird day. It feels a bit like a con made to make us spend money, just bridging the gap between easter and... what, fathers day? There's those endlessly bad ads on tv. But at the same time, it’s a day for your mother. And that means you sound bad knocking it. Which i’m not. Just saying... well i dunno. Anyway...

I had a pretty rough week last week and my mum was unobtrusively there for me to talk or whatever when i needed it. So what exactly have i done for her this mothers day?

Well, i burnt her a cd.

Before you think i’m really cheap (actually, i don’t mind if you think that), this is just what we do, and i think it ends up working much better than me getting her some random kitchen utensil or flowers (which she’d hate).

Instead, making a detailed playlist of music that i *hope* she will enjoy is actually quite an involved and personal process. Generally i run with some kinda theme, ie music from ’09, australian indie, or a particular band. Last christmas i got my mum and dad hooked on Brian Jonestown Massacre.

So how have i entered a parallel universe from the general population where parents actually have a cool taste in music and aren’t tragically obsessed with Andre Rie? (i know that's mis-tagged, i don’t care)

Growing up my mum was too young to catch The Beatles in Adelaide, but had a decent collection of records. She liked Black Sabbath’s ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’. My dad grew up in Brisbane, home of Australian punk pioneers The Saints. He saw Bob Marley once too (in concert, not just on the street or anything).

This was a good start, but alas, during the late 80’s, and 90’s they weren’t anywhere near new music. My parent met as flying vets in the NT. It wasn’t until i started discovering music in the early 2000's that they got ‘reacquainted’ through my lens of music. Putting up with my various bands’ music was easier if they knew what the covers were meant to sound like. Perhaps.

Over the years mum has been into The Vines, Muse (source of her endless crushing on Matt Bellamy), Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Angus and Julia Stone, and i’ve made her compilations with Liars, Sonic Youth, Dappled Cities,Wavves and tons of other stuff. Today she walked in when i was playing Foals and asked if it was my band’s stuff.

She saw the Vines at the Gov (and actually stood next to Craig during the support act), and has seen Muse twice (BDO and at Entertainment Centre).

So once again on mother’s day i’m reminded how lucky i am to be able to share my music obsession with her. Today i gave her a compilation of Deerhunter songs after she commented on how good Weird Era Cont sounded last week when i drove her to the city.

Hope everyone else had a good mothers day too.


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