• Looking for a couple of horror games!

    28 Ago 2010, 15:39

    Hai everyone! I am on a quest for creepy games!

    If you have one of these, and want to give them away, or sell them to me, comment here!


    Alien Resurrection
    Resident Evil series (But NOT RE 4 *PS2 & Wii*, Deadly Silence and 5, I have those)
    Silent Hill series (But NOT Homecoming, I have that)
    Clock Tower Series
    Dino Crisis series
    Blood Omen 1
    Soul Reaver 1
    Haunting Ground
    Dead Space: Extraction
    System Shock 2

    These are just examples. There are many more Horror games, and if you wanna get rid of em, dump em here.

    So... If you do know someone that is giving these away or selling them, please guide them to me!


    I've obtained these so far:

    Biohazard (Japanese, 1st Pressing, PSX - The very first RE game!)
    Resident Evil - Director's Cut (PSX)
    Umbrella Corporation Watch
    Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS)
    Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
    Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition
    Resident Evil 5 (PC)
    Dead Space (PC)
    F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin (PC)
    American McGee's Alice (PC)
    Alone in the Dark (PC - Steelbook)
    Silent Hill - Homecoming (PC)
    Clive Barker's Jericho (PC)
    Left 4 Dead (PC)
    Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)
    Hellgate London (PC)
    Condemned - Criminal Origins (PC)
    Van Helsing (PS2)
    Underworld: The Eternal War (PS2)
    Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 2 (PC)
    Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen 2 (PC & PS2)
    Legacy of Kain - Defiance (PC & PS2)
    Aliens VS. Predator (Gold Edition/Deluxe 2010 Collector's Box - PC)
    Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles (PC)
    Vampire - The Masquerade: Redemption (PC)

    - Silent
  • Carach Angren - Death Came Through a Phantom Ship - Wij Zullen Varen, Ookal Betekent…

    27 Feb 2010, 12:47

    "This is stormboot (...) Position 5412-0524 East. This is stormboot , please come in! I repeat - (...) anyone read me?!"


    Dark, very dark. Carach Angren is back with their second ghost story "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship", and this haunting makes you forget the cursed tale of Lammendam.

    This one is about a ghost ship that belonged to Willem van der Decken. For those who do not know, Van der Decken's ship was also know as "The Flying Dutchmen". Van der Decken was sailing near Kaap de Goede Hoop (Cape the Good Hope), when he decided to set sail into a storm. Here, he said : "Ik zal vaeren, al is het tot in de eeuwigheid". (I will sail, even if it's into infinity.) And right at that moment, the Devil himself appeared infront of him, and said "Gij zult varen tot in de eeuwigheid". (You will set sail into infinity." And so, Van der Decken's men died one by one, apart from Van der Decken himself, who now was cursed to sail the seas forever.

    Carach Angren is known for their amazing songwriting, and their music really draws you into the stories they are telling you. Every song is like a chapter, and leaves question for you about what might happen next. We start off with an interlude, of how Van der Decken kills his wife, and how he slowly becomes a mad man.

    Throughout the record this story is carried along. And just as with their previous masterpiece, Lammendam, this is a tale you will not easily forget. Haunting keyboards, heavy guitar riffs and a deep bass, it has all that which Lammendam had, but on a less way. They perfected something that already was perfect.

    Also should be noted that the lyrics are amazing. The haunting tragedies written here are simply too good to be put to words. So dramatic and artistic - I am simply stunned. Here's a short example :

    Your God?!?!
    May he suffocate, may he rot!
    Clamp the bible, close to me,
    His book of lies I shall now cast into the sea!
    "This is blasphemy!"
    Your hold your tongue or rip it out and have your heart for mutiny...
    "No! You cannot send us into madness! We shall not obey!"
    With my knife I slowly penetrate his tender throat!
    I curse and rage : "Godverdomme! Wij zullen varen, al betekent het mijn dood! (Goddamn it! We shall sail, even if it means my death!)"

    As you might notice, Carach Angren uses alot of Dutch lyrics from time to time. This adds that special thing for me that most bands just do not have. I am Dutch myself, so it's fun to hear things like "Godverdomme!" screamed through my speakers.

    Musically wise, Carach Angren deserves the title of "haunting theatric black metal". The overall theatrical feel that this record has is stunning. Never before, not even on their previous album " Lammendam" I have heard such symphonic music on a black metal CD. Their keyboard player knows how to create the most discomforting, eerie music with his keys. Amazing!

    The guitars and bass guitar is as good as always ; heavy and fast. The technique these guys use is something that will blow you out of your chair. Usually on symphonic black metal records the guitars get overpowered by the keyboards, but on "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship" all instruments work together to create one of the best albums you might ever hear during your lifetime.

    Some credit should also go to Namtar for the amazing drumwork he has preformed for us on this record. I already got used to his epic drumming, but on this album he lets it all out, and make this a true black metal experience, even though the symphonic parts have a bigger role here.

    And ofcourse, the vocal part of "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship"! Seregor already sounded like Satan's little helper on "Lammendam", but on his new masterpiece he raised it to the next level. Overall, they sound the same like on their previous album, but on songs like "Al betekent het mijn dood", you will hear how dramatic, and powerful his vocals really are. He manages to pump fear into your veins with a few sentences.

    I think that I can legitimately say that Carach Angren has made yet another masterpiece. This band deserves more attention than they get now, for this is the most unique symphonic black metal band there is. Do not waste your time or pee in your pants because you are afraid of ghosts, but go out there and get this second Carach Angren chapter now. Do not waste any time, or be cursed!
  • Svierg - Demo MMIX - And the Earth was without Form… - 95/100

    16 Feb 2010, 8:31

    Cosmic disasters, the world without form, colour or whatsoever what makes this place a happy thing ; gone. That’s the message that Svierg has cast down upon me. This is Svierg's demo, Demo MMIX.

    The first thing I’ve noticed (And you will as well) is that the production of the entire demo is raw, yet very pleasant to listen to. The guitars have that crispy sound that most black metal bands used to have, and the vocals are shrieking. The drums on this demo are well executed and don’t stick with fast blast beats. Varying from mid-paced to fast ; this demo has it all.

    It’s pretty much a standard black metal record you’d say, but what makes this release a bit more special then all those others? Well, the lyrics, to start with.

    “Not even light can escape the vacuum,
    millions of bodies drawn to a black hole...

    ...and are all crushed together
    into a twisted masterpiece.
    Souls disappear in the black void.”

    Limbonic Art style of lyrics, with a grim touch. I love it.

    Worth mentioning are the solos that are played on this blasphemous demo. Fast, catchy, and perfect for black metal music.

    Svierg is a young band, but I am looking forward to a full length release. I see a dark future for this one.

    Best tracks on this demo : Swallowed by Celestial Darkness, Into the Astral Abyss.
  • Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy - The Return of Satan's Triumph - 100/100

    10 Feb 2010, 10:38

    After making huge changes to their music style, Troll are left as quite the black sheep in the black metal scene. Their album "Drep de Kristne" was a prime example of symphonic black metal, but their style changed with "The Last Predators" and "Universal", becoming more industrial in nature.

    While these albums are not bad, it was a shame, that Troll had abandoned their symphonic black metal roots. Yet, we all were longing for the old Troll. Well, our Satanic rites and prayers have been heard! Striking us with their new opus, "Neo-Satanic Supremacy", Troll have returned to their previous symphonic form.

    Before listening to the album for the first time, you would be forgiven for half-expecting a perfected, matured version of the industrial sound of "The Last Predators”; with such an outlook, I shoved the disc into my unsuspecting surround set and pressed the play button. From the very first second the opening track played, I could only let one word out: “Wow”. Troll’s symphonic black metal is back, and how!

    The first thing you will notice is that Stian's vocals have drastically improved; the screamed type of vocal supremacy as heard on "The Last Predators" and "Universal" are gone. What we get instead are blazing, guttural growls, which are not too over-used but are comparable to Shagrath's vocals on Dimmu Borgir's better works.

    No longer we will be tormented by the endless, mindless ramming on the snares. The instrumentation has improved so much, merging perfectly with the symphonic keys, and Stian's ever-infernal vocals. They sound brutal and fast for the most part, yet on songs such as "Hvor Tåken Ligger Så Trist Og Grå", we get to hear Troll's slower side. This is one of my personal favorites of the entire album, it's simply perfect: mellow and dramatic, yet just as heavy as the rest of the album in its own emotional way, especially as it gets progressively heavier throughout. And, of course, the keyboards are menacing and intense... handled well by Exilis and rounding off the album’s sound excellently.

    Troll is one of the best symphonic bands out there, so I am very pleased to hear that they have not lost their eerie spirit in symphonic black metal music; I mean, we weren't waiting for a "blackened Fear Factory", were we? We have bands like Zyklon, and Blacklodge for that. Troll is one of my personal favorites in the symphonic black metal scene, and with this record, they've proven that they still master this genre. The Gothic atmosphere haunts the entire record, adding that special sound that most black metal bands lack. The orchestral work as performed here is what we, fans of the band (and of the genre), have been waiting for; it is scary, overwhelming, and epic.

    The percussion on this album is intense, blasting you away with powerful drums and timely cymbals. Fierce, epic... we have been delivered old-school black metal beats, anno 2010.

    Overall, this album lacks any real flaws; while listening to this for the first time, I was unable to find a single bad thing on the disc from start to finish. Unfortunately, all good things must end sometime, with the album ending abruptly on a high note, though it is good that it quits while it is ahead.

    The members of Troll have excelled themselves, sounding appreciatively unholy to the point where this could easily be deduced to be the music they play for Satan in Hell. If you see a chance to obtain this masterpiece, do not waste it, and buy it.

    Recommended tracks: Every single one of them.
  • Corpus Christii - Master of... - He can kidnap me, as long as he plays this record!…

    10 Feb 2010, 10:37

    Corpus Christii is a band I haven't really enjoyed so far. The album "Rising" is the only release I love. So why am I writing a review for this piece of vinyl? Because this has changed my opinion about Corpus Christii. This is one of the most brutal Black Metal records you'll ever hear during your unworthy stay on this planet.

    Yes, this EP is rare. Very rare to be precise. I managed to get it in the local underground scene. It's a shame that it is so hard to get though, simply because it's amazing. I have yet to hear a band that can beat this form of black metal.

    So, when I started this up a relaxing drum beat raged through my speakers, followed by Nocturnus Horrendus Satanic poetry. Nothing different from most black metal you'd say, but then something wonderful happens. The drums get so fast and the guitars sound inhumanely evil. This is what the black metal scene needs ; new life. Corpus Christii has managed to fulfill this task.

    This raging hate continues on the second track, "Piercing the Eyes of the Necro-Whore". Fierce, raw and full with pure unadulterated hate! Music that sounds this precise and is executed like this is something that's hard to find within the scene of this style. All we hear are Darkthrone and/or Mayhem copies, but Corpus Christii has separated themselves from that group, and gave us a record that is almost perfect.

    Most metalheads will tell you that releases like singles and extended plays are not needed, that they aren't good and just a trick to get your money. Bullshit! This EP has proven that even short pieces of music can be even better than a full-length.

    I've said enough for now, you all should go out there and try to find it, and buy it. This release may call itself "True Black Metal", for this music is what black metal is all about.
  • Carpathian Forest - He's Turning Blue - Now I'm turning blue... - 55/100

    10 Feb 2010, 10:36

    This is Carpathian's Forest single "He's Turning Blue" , which we could find on the album "Strange Old Brew" . Everyone knows that Carpathian Forest are one of those "Black 'n' Roll" black metal bands, and this single perfectly displays that for us.

    The disc has two sides : one with the title track "He's Turning Blue" , and the has "Ghoul" , which is a Mayhem cover. Upon playing this my first thought was that the Rolling Stones had gone black. The tempo on this entire 7" single is rock and roll styled. Ofcourse, this is Carpathian Forest and this is what they're known for. The guitars are tuned perfectly, and create a weird atmosphere togheter with the drums. Then there are the vocals. I don't really have to say anything about these, they sound like every single song with Nattefrost on the mic. I love it, and all the CF fans will as well.

    But why did I give this release such a low score then?

    Well, the song is inhumanely repetetive, and the lyrics are childish (Apart from the Mayhem cover, which is done pretty well). It's just that Nattefrost could at least have put in a bit more effort to make it seem like he actually cared about this song.

    "He's turning blue
    He's turning blue
    He's turning blue
    He's turning blue
    And nobody cares!"

    This is what you'll hear over and over again. It's your typical anti-social, "fuck the world" attitude kind of lyrics. Why Nattefrost, why? We've seen so much better from you, yet you give us this piece of shit? Ah well, the band magically manages to save this doomed piece of vinyl, by giving us their version of Mayhem's "Ghoul".

    This track is the ONLY reason why you should buy this (If you're dumb enough to do so anyway) . It's fast, the guitars are heavy, the drums are brutal, and Nattefrost didn't write the lyrics. This is a really good tribute to one of the bands we black metal heads all love.

    Overall, this is just another marketing gimmick to get some extra money. If you're intrested in the Mayhem cover, you should buy "Originators of the Northern Darkness - A Tribute to Mayhem" which has a better mastered version of this track. Yet, if you're a fan/collector, go out there into the underground scene and buy it!
  • Carach Angren - Lammendam - The White Ghost Haunting Lammendam - 100/100

    10 Feb 2010, 10:35

    Lammendam is the first full length opus of Carach Angren. Love, betrayal, murder and ghost stories are the ingredients this band uses to create one of the most epic, horrifying music pieces of all time. This chapter of the White Lady starts with “Het Spook van de Leiffartshof” (The Ghost of the Leiffartshof). We hear a lady that is out of breath, and is running away from something. This is yet the beginning of a horrific tale, with no happy end.

    All the works on this record are pleasantly scary. Carach Angren tried to create a certain spooky atmosphere, and with this album they did.

    “Lammendam” is about a myth, the White Lady of Lammendam. She used to be a noble lady, but she cheated on her lovers. One killed another and the woman, so this is how the ghost was born.

    This story is carried throughout the record. All the songs are like chapters, and it’s a very refreshing way of listening to music. A haunting moment on this album is when Seregor suddenly starts to chant during the song “The Carriage Wheel Murder”. He says :”Kijk mij aan, zodat de duisternis in jouw ziel kan schijnen. Jouw bestaan zal als een tijdloze vloek in de dood verdwijnen!”. This is frightening, but it adds the special effect that this song needed. It means : “Look into my eyes, so the darkness can shine into your soul. Your existence shall disappear like a timeless curse in death!”. Simply amazing.

    The music itself is heavily inspired by classical music and black metal. This combination of violins, keyboards, and black metal rampage is one of the best styles I’ve ever heard. Songs like “A Strange Presence Near the Woods”, “The Carriage Wheel Murder” and “La Malédiction de la Dame Blanch” are fine examples of how symphonic black metal should be played.

    There is a special role for the keyboards on “Lammendam”. Every single song on it has them, and how! They accompany the rest of the instruments, but what is more important is that they strengthen the pure darkness on this CD. They make this music epic, haunting and even though it’s kind of scary, it’s perfect.

    Overall, the entire record is a masterpiece, especially since it’s Carach Angren’s debut album. If you like symphonic (black) metal, you should get this as soon as possible. Do not look away from this, but draw yourself into the Ghost stories of the haunted Lammendam.
  • Review : Dimmu Borgir - Devil's Path. Chaotica Essencia

    7 Ene 2010, 8:07

    Dimmu Borgir is a band that nowadays is rejected by most "true" metalheads. I don't really agree with Dimmu not being black metal anymore. Just because they have a good producer, a good, crystal-clear sound, doesn't mean they're not black metal anymore to me.

    This EP though, shows how much better they used to be.

    Now, there's a reason that I bought this EP. "Devil's Path" and "Morbid Tales" (by the amazing Celtic Frost) were the first metal albums I had ever heard as a 12 year old kid, 5 years ago from now. Buying this release was a way for me to show people how I got into the best music style ever, and I wanted to re-experience those days. I understood it's quite rare these days, but I got my copy for a few euro's.

    There's a nice picture of the band on the inside, they're fully dressed like most True Norwegian black metal bands do ; spikes, leather, corpsepaint, pentagrams, bullet belts, it's all there. To me, this was the ultimate Dimmu Borgir line-up as well.

    And now to the review :

    This doesn't sound as Symphonic as much of their stuff does, but it's a fucking good melodic black metal release. It starts off with the track "Master of Disharmony". This kicks off with a really strange intro, but then the words "Sons of Satan... Gather for attack!" are drilled into your black heart, and this is yet the beginning of a Hellish ritual. The guitar riffs are amazing, the bass is nice and deep, the vocals are amazingly done, and the keyboards finish up the entire feeling of this classic Dimmu Borgir song.

    The second track, "Devil's Path", is also a great piece of music. It's aggressive, and the band throws in their black metal strength completely, making it clear who ruled this scene when this came out. When you hit this track up, it blasts through your speakers from second one. I'm sure that everyone that has heard this one, remembers the catchy line :"I serve Satan! I serve Darkness!". Overall, the guitar work is yet again very impressive, and the same goes for the rest of the tracks. The keyboards finally get the time on a track that they deserve, they add a beautiful atmospheric feel to this chaotic masterpiece.

    Then, to end this melodic piece of Satanic rituals, there are two tracks left, both the same track. This is "Nocturnal Fear", an amazing track, originally done by the legendary Celtic Frost on the album "Morbid Tales".

    This first version of this is a melodic black metal version of the track, the overall feeling has remained intact on this cover, yet it's more aggressive. That's because the black metal vocals add the dark evironment it should have had on Celtic Frost's version. Overall, this track is simply too good for words to describe, even for a cover track.

    This Satanic rite ends with another version of Dimmu Borgir's "Nocturnal Fear". This is the "Celtically Processed" version, and there's only one main difference between this one, and the standard cover ; The vocals. The vocal style used on this version, are very similar to the one used on the original Celtic Frost song. It shows how diverse the band was back then in their gloryful, demonic days.

    Overall, this piece of melodic blackness is a MUST for every fan of the genre. I also reccomend this to every single person that wants to know what Dimmu Borgir sounds like, at their best.

    Score :100/100

    Tell me what you think about this review please, it's my very first one.