• The artists of 2008

    5 Ene 2009, 20:00

    2009 already begun, so it's about time to look back, who was big in 2008!
    In ( ) you find the overall ranking, after two years of scrobbling here on LastFM.

    They ruled my music player last year:

    1. (2) Amaral (959 plays)
    This year Amaral really won my heart! With their new double Album "Gato negro Dragón rojo" I also bought almost all their other stuff and so they made it to the top, aiming for overall number one.

    2. (1) Alanis Morissette (781 plays)
    Finally something new from Alanis in 2008! "Flavors of entaglement" was way better than her last two ones and so she was able to hold her top position. And still her old stuff is always on play, too.

    3. (4) Kettcar (588 plays)
    After a spanish speaking artist and an english spaeking one now finally: German! Kettcar's new album "Sylt", named after a german island, was solid work and after I could hear them play live this summer in my town, I couldn't do other than listen to them again and again.

    4. (12) Amy Macdonald (579 plays)
    She's like my biggest newcomer in 2008 with her great sond "Mr Rock & Roll" of her greater album "This is the life". I'm looking forward to see her live in february and hope she'll keep making good music!

    5. (16) Niels Frevert (503 plays)
    He's not really a newcomer, with his first solo album released 11 years ago. As he wasn't very sucsessful (and pity to say: still isn't), I missed him until this year, when he made his third album. It's mostly very calm sounds with poetic lyrics and I just loved it. "Waschmaschine" is also my favorite song of this year. I also like his rock debut of 1997 and so he made it to over 500 scrobbels this year.

    6. (24) Milow (382 plays)
    And again someone I didn't know until last year. Belgien singer-songwriter Milow with his mostly acoustic style brought out his 2nd album "Coming of age" this year and luckily I discovered him! You still can't buy his work here in Germany, but thank God there is Import on the Internet!

    7. (6) The Cranberries (377 plays)
    After three new artist it was time for one of my all-time-favorites! One of the best things in the 90s... and still great!

    8. (25) Tomte (339 plays)
    Before last year I was already listenig to Tomte from time to time, but with their new album "Heureka" this year they really climbed high in my ranking. Just like Kettcar they are a Hamburg based band playing in German, and as Niels Frevert is also from Hamburg I have to say (though I'm from the south): The germans up there in the north, they know how to make good music!

    9. (9) La Oreja de Van Gogh (323 plays)
    And again back to spain! Usually when the front singer leaves the band, it's the end of the band and the beginning of a solo career. But in this case: the band came back with a great new singer and a new album, better than before!

    10. (11) Sarah McLachlan (322 plays)
    She has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard! I think it would be interesting to get a overview of all movies and TV-shows that used one of her songs. I'm still waiting for something new of her, but I think it's hard to do something better than she already did!

    11. (3) Wir sind Helden (317 plays)
    And another great german band that was founded where? Right, in Hamburg! But now they're living in Berlin. As their last album was in 2007 there's hope that something new comes out this year! Otherwise it could get heard for them to keep the number 3 position in my overall ranking.

    12. (8) Jewel (304 plays)
    Once upon a time, Jewel made albums like "Pieces of you" or "Spirit". But instead of singing happily ever after she first turned into plastic-pop and this year into country? Will she ever recover from that? Well, there's still the sound of good old times!

    13. (19) Sufjan Stevens (298 plays)
    Let's stay in the US with Sufjan Stevens: he's one of the most experimental singer-songwriters I know! The titels of his songs are insane and the lyrics are really deep. It's not easy listening, so he really earend his almost 300 plays this year!

    14. (10) Juanes (269 plays)
    From the US to the south to visit Juanes in Colombia. Last year he was the only artist from Latin America who made into my Top20. Anyone any idea where Shakira has gone? Or Maná? Well, let's see what 2009 brings.

    15. (17) Snow Patrol (243 plays)
    Snow Patrol made a new album... nothing outstanding, but solid rock. I like it. And nowadays Leone Lewis ot Natasha Bedingfield a covering songs of them! So: keep it up!

    16. (23) Dido (230 plays)
    She always takes her time to make a new album! And with "Safe trip home" she made another beautiful work. It can't really reach "Life for rent" but it's still good an enough for her, to enter my Top20 again.

    17. (13) Laith Al-Deen (228 plays)
    And finally a german artist from the South! Laith Al-Deen from Mannheim. Lately he has almost every year something new! This year it was just a "Best of" - compilation but with one, great, new song. Still enough for rank 17!

    18. (5) Relient K (222 plays)
    As I didn't get the chance to listen into her B-Sides album, they where losing some ground last year. But still they're one of the few US-bands in my ranking.

    19. (7) Juli (218 plays)
    And to proof that there's also good music from the center of germany, there's Juli from Gießen. As they said it was very quiet about them in 2008. If they really worked on a new CD will come out this year!

    20. (18)Plain White T's (197 plays)
    Last but not least the band, that has still has with "Hey there Delilah" my overall number one song at LastFM. Their new album was a bit uncommon as they have turned much into teenie punk.

    So much for the year of 2008!
  • From A to Z - A journey through my most played songs

    22 Jul 2008, 12:07

  • Alanis did it!

    21 Jun 2008, 22:44

    Almost one year and a half of scrobbeling here on LastFM with almost 36.000 songs scrobbeld.
    And now, Alanis Morissette was the first artist not only to reach 1000 scrobbles but also to go beyond! Congratulations to Alanis and her new album Flavors of Entanglement.

    But let's take a look at the overall ranking to see, who might be following her. And it's clear: there will be no follow up any time soon! The best chances might have Amaral with their great new album Gato Negro Dragón Rojo. They will be cracking into the top three very soon. Kettcar also might enter the top5 soon, with their new work Sylt. On the other hand Jewel's new album really sucks.
    So, yay for Alanis and her not even endangered number one position in my charts.

    01. Alanis Morissette 1.005
    02. Wir sind Helden757
    03. Relient K665
    04. Amaral660
    05. Juli574
    06. Kettcar568
    07. The Cranberries 539
    08. Jewel504
    09. Juanes496
    10. Herbert Grönemeyer481
  • Former savage drives yellow car

    14 Abr 2008, 21:26

    Well, actually I don't like the video. But the song... somehow it really did catch me!
    I liked Savage Garden a lot, but I never really got into Darren Hayes solo project. But this song could really change it. Let's see, if this album is gonna be released in Germany any time soon.
    Until then there's only this strange video that seems to be made for the asian market. I recommend just listening to song without watching.

    [video artist=Darren Hayes]Casey[/video]
  • Mr Rock & Roll vs Rockchick of the century

    16 Mar 2008, 17:03

    Oy my, I just discoverd Amy Macdonald!!!
    Her voice is really amazing and I fell in love with her song-writing!

    So check out:

    [video artist=Amy MacDonald]Mr Rock & Roll[/video]
  • Eurovision Vorentscheid

    6 Mar 2008, 23:36

    Heute Abend musste Deutschland entscheiden (bzw. diejenigen, die beim Bayern Spiel schon abgeschalten hatten) wen wir nach Belgrad schicken sollen, zum großen Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

    Den Anfang in der Show durften Marquess machen mit La Histeria. Und jeder der etwas Spanisch kann, wird froh sein, dass sie es nicht geschafft haben. Kleiner Auszug gefällig?

    "Die Hysterie, ein permanenter Rhythmus, und wir tanzen weiter unter dem Mond. Die Mädchen in den Discos tanzen nächtelang und singen: Oh-oh oh-oh."

    Dann folgte Tommy Reeve mit Just One Woman. Das Lied war schon ziemlich lahm und das mit dem Töne treffen muss der Tommy auch nochmal üben. Aber richtig nervig war dann die übertrieben wuschige Kim Fisher. Gebracht hat ihre Werbung zum Glück aber auch nichts.
    Was mir aber bei den Songwritern aufgefallen ist: Lee Ryan soll da mitgeschrieben haben. DER Lee Ryan???

    Ganz stark sein hieß es bei den blond gesträhnten Cinema Bizarre. Schon bei ihrer Vorstellung hat eigentlich nur noch die Lederpeitsche zum "Ruf mich an" gefehlt. Und das Gestöhne ging auf der Bühne dann erst richtig los, trotz Stimmbandentzündung des tapferen kleinen Frontsängers. Das Forever Or Never stellte sich zum Glück schnell als "never" heraus und Moderator Thomas Herrmanns wird die Jungs zum Trost jetzt wohl adoptieren.

    Als Außenseiterin ins Rennen gegangen konnte Carolin Fortenbacher immerhin den zweiten Platz holen, was ich persönlich freut, weil ich das Lied am schönsten fand. Da haben wahrscheinlich die älteren Grand Prix Zuschauer für den einzigen Deutschen Titel gevotet. Sauber gesungen war Hinterm Ozean dann aber doch nicht, wo man von einer Musical Sängerin mit all abendlicher Erfahrung schon etwas mehr Routine erwarten dürfte. Und was haben sich die Songwriter eigentlich bei dieser Zeile gedacht?

    "Hinterm Ozean fängt dein Tag erst an
    Hinterm Ozean vermisst du meinen Arm"

    Schatz, ich vermiss deinen Arm so sehr... gängiger Spruch in ner Fernbeziehung, oder? Wenns ein Reim hätte werden sollen, dann ist selbst das in die Hose gegangen.

    Und wen schicken wir also nach Belgrad: die No Angels. Ich fands süß wie sie gesagt haben "wir WAREN auch mal in vielen Länder bekannt" und dann doch neun Länder aufzählen konnten. Immerhin konnten sie sich nun darin beweisen, dass sie es weiter geschafft haben als ihre jüngeren Nachfolgerinnen von Monrose, die ja im letzten Jahr beim Vorentscheid gescheitert waren.
    Disappear war dann aber live wirklich gut präsentiert und hat mir sogar besser gefallen als die Studio Version.

    Wir können also hoffen, dass eine solide und ausdruckstarke Performance (hoffentlich in anderen Kostümen!) in Belgrad was reißen kann und der Bekanntheitsgrad der Engel womöglich den ein und anderen Punkt mehr bringen wird.
  • Silent's Band Battle - The winners!

    11 Feb 2008, 11:54

    The time has come to stop the voting and present the winners of my Band Battles! Only four artists made it to the final round, and they allare winners for making it that far.

    So, the 4th place goes to:

    Dashboard Confessional

    With Stolen they finally reached Europe and got known to more people.

    On the 3rd place we can find:


    The only female voice that survived onto the finals! She really changed a lot during her career so let's se wht she's coming up with next!

    Not quiet the number one but very cloe on 2nd place

    Matchbox Twenty

    With Exile on Mainstream they released their best of and probably last album as Rob Thomas goes solo. But someday maybe he doesn't want to be Lonely no more and they do another record together.

    And here they are, our winners at 1st place

    Relient K

    They almost ran through all of the rounds here and so they are noe here on number one.

    Thanks for all who voted here! It was fun doing this!
    Keep visiting this Blog!
  • Video of the month "January"

    2 Feb 2008, 15:09

    Hey there!
    If I had to choose a "video of the month" I had watched here latley on LastFM it would be:
    [video artist=Even Elroy]On and on[/video]

    It's Even Elroy with a live performance of one of their songs on the latest album. My favortie is still Another Song About Life, but they have a lot of good stuff.

    The follow up would be [video artist=Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds]Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!![/video] (somehow the vido link is not working, though I copied the titel from the page.. whatever: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!)
    The mustache's really not the reason why I like the song, but it's about the music, isn't it! The first thing I listened to were the Murder Ballads of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds back in my Teenage days, and it was not only the drowning Kyle Minogue that got my attention.

    I hope you enjoy this vids as well.
  • Silent's Band Battle - Final round

    22 Ene 2008, 18:10

    Wow, it was very close! Dashboard Confessional, almost got kicked, dominated group B and made it into the final round! Jewel had to fight harder, but could beat the Plain white T's. So there's still a female voice left in the finals. Bon Jovi, the oldest guys of the last 8 had to say "Goodbye", just as James Blunt and Switchfoot. They couldn't hold up with Matchbox Twenty and Relient K. So far Relient K seemed to dominate almost every round...

    So, here are the results

    1. Relient K
    2. Matchbox Twenty
    3. Switchfoot
    4. James Blunt

    1. Dashboard Confessional
    2. Jewel
    3. Plain White T's
    4. Bon Jovi

    And now... Welcome to the final round! Just rank the last 4 artists from one (your favourite) to four.
    Like in the last round the points will be:
    1. --> 5 pionts
    2. --> 3 points
    3. --> 1 point
    4. --> 0 points

    Here are the Final Four:
    Dashboard Confessional
    Relient K
    Matchbox Twenty
  • Silent's Band Battle - 4th round

    11 Ene 2008, 10:00

    here come the results of the Kick'n'Save round:

    1. Dashboard Confessional
    2. James Blunt
    3. Sufjan Stevens

    That means Sufjan gets kicked while the others got saved.
    But will they survive the next round, too?

    Only the first and the second places of every group will reach the final round. So rank each groups from 1. (your favorite) to 4.

    Relient K
    Matchbox Twenty
    James Blunt

    Plain White T's
    Bon Jovi
    Dashboard Confessional