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13 Sep 2007, 19:29

*Note: I'm writing this mostly 'cos I just like to know when I first heard an artist. I'm a bit obsessed with history like that. Not that me listening to something is like historical so much... nevermind.

I've never tried out the 'My Radio' function of but I decided to try it today.

so here's thoughts while listening to 'My Neighbourhood'

%Placebo- Never listened to 'em before. They're ... okay...

%Joanna Newsom- I've never listened to her before, being slightly intimidated by the large debate over whether her voice is fantastic or terrifying. I think my stance is now 'can only take so much'.

Untitled- Of course I've heard this one before, being a fan of 'In the Aeroplane'. I guess it's nice to hear it come up on this neighbourhood thing, but I don't actually like to listen to tracks from this album out of context; I feel like it's meant to be listened to as a whole.

Buddy Holly- Another I know well!

At this point I'm thinking that the audio level is kinda low; not just my speakers, but the actual audio player thing is kinda low, at least compared to iTunes, which I usually use for playing music through my house.

I'm trying to listen to the song before looking at what it is, to not prejudice myself, y'see? So I'm hearing this and guess it's Red Hot Chili Peppers 'cos it sounds like an acoustic version of Dani California... which is admittedly the only song I've ever heard from them. Whatever this song is, it seems to be morphing into something kind of pseudo-country and unpleasant.

Upon looking, I find it's a song called Slow Cheetah. Meh... I don't like it. Oh well.


Jeez it's taking a long time to skip...


(I'm currently reading the wikipeda entry on Sunkist orange soda.)




This sounds classic-rock-ish. Pink Floyd-y, even? This is a strange thing for me to say, as it is, in fact, Barbra Streisand(%).


Who in my neighbourhood is listening to Streisand?


%Only Ones Who Know- This is my first time listening to Arctic Monkeys! I've meant to for a while.

(Did you know Sunkist contains caffeine? And they're owned by Cadbury.)

This is lovely, this song is. It doesn't so much grab me, though.... as they say. I like it. Sounds like more classic rock-influenced, lighter Pixies or something.

Monkey Gone to Heaven- I've never heard this song before, actually... in fact I've really only heard two Pixies songs and the Come on Pilgrim EP. All I know about this one is it's one of their more popular tunes. I'm not a fan of this style of drumming, but over-all, love the song. Of course. I'm a sucker for great song titles (which is probably why I dig Minus the Bear).

Seasons in the Sun- I dunno who the fuck this is, but it's pretty nice. One of those bob your head back and forth songs. ... ... wait a minute... this is one of those songs I hear on those 'Sounds of the 60s' infomercials on TV at 3AM. Still, nice.

Cheating On You- Another MTV-Indie fun track that I've heard before. This is a great Franz song... though I haven't encountered a bad one yet. Them, The Strokes, and OK Go are probably the best pop-rock acts of the last decade.

Now I wanna listen to 'Michael'.

Also, I notice all these songs seem to be fairly short... under three... minutes.

... oh my god...

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others- It's tough to explain my thing about The Smiths. They have a very ... manufactured sound, to me. Their... 80's-ness just is too much to me. And I don't like Morrissey... so... while I absolutely adore Johnny Marr, I have an allergic reaction whenever a Smiths song comes on the radio or on my iPod on shuffle or something. This song is probably in the 'Endurable When in a Good Mood' Smiths column. I hear this is their most popular album (The Queen is Dead).

%All U Can Eat- Never listened to Ben Folds before, but this is the exact typical guy-acoustic shit I expected of him. For this sort of sound, I like Jason Mraz, and I like Aqualung, and I don't want anymore.


Look Through My Window- Never listened to The Mamas and The Papas... except on aforementioned late night television ... first impression is it's a little boring. I'm just not in the mood for this sort of thing.


What Is and What Never Should Be- So this'll be the second Zeppelin song I've ever heard (the first being Over the Hills). Groovy. Kicks unprecidented amounts of ass. Jimmy Page... I'll have to get a shirt with his face on it or something.

I'm all comment-ed out. Plus I'm more interested in the Wizard of Oz wikipedia page I'm reading. No way is that a hanging munchkin.

So here's a snark-free listing of the tracks I get/got:

Some Might Say
Pumping on Your Stereo(%+)
Till I Get My Way(%)
The Grudge(%+)
Ring The Alarm
No Name #2(%)
One Headlight(%)
Mornings Eleven(%)

%Never listened to artist before
+Never heard of artist before


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