Our Lady Peace Live Dream Set List -- 3 Songs per Album


8 Ago 2009, 1:25

Everyone else is doing it and I want to be cool, too. Hahaha.


Basically this is a live dream setlist for Our Lady Peace. The rule I am imposing on myself is that there has to be 3 songs per album. The tracks must also appear in chronological order, as they do on the album track listing.

1. Starseed
2. Hope
3. Julia

4. Superman's Dead
5. Automatic Flowers
6. Clumsy

Happiness... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch
7. Happiness & The Fish
8. Consequence of Laughing
9. Stealing Babies

Spiritual Machines
10. In Repair
11. Middle of Yesterday
12. Made to Heal

13. Made Of Steel
14. Sorry
15. A Story About A Girl

Healthy In Paranoid Times
16. Where Are You
17. Love And Trust
18. The World On A String

Burn Burn
19. Monkey Brains
20. The End Is Where We Begin
21. The Right Stuff

22. Signs Of Life from Burn Burn
23. Will The Future Blame Us from Healthy In Paranoid Times
24. If You Believe from Spiritual Machines


  • Xirae

    You made some pretty epic choices! = D

    12 May 2011, 21:55
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