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30 Jul 2007, 19:12

Write the top 10 artists from your page. Then write the first song you heard, what song made you love them, and current favourite song.

1.Mazzy Star

First: Halah
Love: Fade Into You
Current: Still Cold

2.Thievery Corporation
First: Tropicando
Love: The Time We Lost Our Way
Current: Facing East

First: Lovely Head
Love: Utopia
Current: You Never Know

4.Mojave 3
First: Love Songs on the Radio
Love: In Love with a View
Current: Some Kinda Angel

5.PJ Harvey
First: Henry Lee
Love: Good Fortune
Current: You Said Something

First: With or Without You
Love: Bad
Current: Stateless

7.Beth Orton
First: She Cries Your Name
Love: Ted's Waltz
Current: Couldn't Cause Me Harm

8.Beach House
First: Saltwater
Love: Heart and Lungs
Current: Childhood

First: Alison
Love: Souvlaki Space Station
Current: Celia's Dream

First: Mysterons
Love: It's a Fire
Current: Humming


  • MoreSadHits

    I love the idea here. Good one! Though, I know I can't be too accurate on the first songs I've heard, but I'll give it my best guess. 1. My Bloody Valentine first: I suppose Only Shallow since it's the first track from Loveless. love: When You Sleep current: Kiss the Eclipse 2. Mazzy Star first: Roseblood or She Hangs Brightly love: She Hangs Brightly current: Into Dust 3. Spiritualized first: Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space love: Stay With Me current: Anyway That You Want Me 4. Elysian Fields first: Mermaid love: Lady in the Lake current: Lions in the Storm 5. Sparklehorse first: No idea. Pig possibly. love: Painbirds current: Pig 6. Air first: Talisman love: Surfing on a Rocket current: Cherry Blossom Girl 7. Jana McCall first: Today love: Again and Again current: Denied 8. Hope Sandoval first: Suzanne (Absolutely no doubt about this one! I was in awe of her voice and the glockenspiel.) love: Suzanne current: Louise 9. Luna first: Sweet Child O' Mine love: I Want Everything current: Romantica 10. Julee Cruise first: Falling love: Falling current: She Would Die for Love

    24 Ago 2007, 4:09
  • grrsawn

    So cool! This is a very interesting idea, so much that i will actually comment. :D 1. New Buffalo first: Cheer Me Up Thank You love: I've Got You and You've Got Me current: Inside (The Corrections) 2. Andrew Bird first: Heretics love: The Happy Birthday Song current: Sloe-eyed Seasons 3. Frou Frou first: Let Go love: Flicks current: The Dumbing Down of Love 4. Telepopmusik first: Breathe love: Into Everything current: Brighton Beach 5. Joanna Newsom first: The Sprout and the Bean love: Erin current: Flying a Kite 6. Death in Vegas first: Girls love: Girls current: Help Yourself 7. Cat Power first: Sea of Love love: The Greatest current: Lived in Bars 8. Fiona Apple first: Criminal love: Paper Bag current: Across the Universe 9. Feist first: My Moon, My Man love: Mushaboom current: Intuition 10. Regina Spektor first: Fedelity love: Us current: The Ghost of Corporate Future

    17 Jun 2008, 23:34
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