New York Dolls - London 4th December


7 Dic 2009, 19:04

Fri 4 Dec – New York Dolls

New York Dolls stroll onto the stage with an assured cool that only those who have been in the business of rock 'n' roll for over 30 years (in the case of singer David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain) could have.
They open the night with Looking for a Kiss from their 1973 debut album and follow it up with 'Cause I Sez So from their most recent album of the same name. The songs flow into each other perfectly and are both greeted and performed with the same amount of energy and excitement which shows New York Dolls are still making great new music to rival their previous work. This is refreshing as many revived bands now just seem to become a travelling jukebox of greatest hits.
Throughout, there is a good mix of new material and tracks form the 70s such as Jet Boy and Subway Train. Another highlight from their 2009 album is Better Than You which is performed with such sincerity by Johansen, showing he can tackle full-blown rock songs and unorthodox love songs in equal measure.
The band were clearly basking in their revival and rightly so. Johansen still has a gloriously infections smile that instantly takes away the years and he has the moves to go with it too(particularly when performing Dance Like a Monkey.) The band obviously love playing together, old and new members alike and are all in their stride, remainging unfazed when a stage invader appears attempting to kiss Johansen (he just continues with that grin!)
Sylvain takes to the microphone (for a while at least) to begin singing Loney Planet Boy as a tribute to late guitarist Johnny Thunders.
The crowd suddenly gets much wilder for hit Trash which the band end up playing as the reggae style version from their latest album. The last number of the night Personality Crisis is met again with the same surge of adrenaline by both the band and crowd.
David Jo and The Dolls are a shining example of a band who are continuing to create great new music, be an incredible live band and above - be cool after all these years!


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