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16 Jul 2010, 23:30

What are the four tracks recently added to your library?
Vanilla LucyLucid Dream
Vanilla Lucy비행소녀 (주인공놀이)
Vanilla Lucy비행(飛行) 소녀 (주인공 놀이)
Vanilla LucyFrench Love (Feat. 빽가) (Korean Ver.)
What four artists is currently recommending to you?
Have you listened/heard of any of them before?
Yes, but I don't like them, beside 2AM.Last loved track?
Vanilla LucyListen To The MusicLast five recently listened tracks?
Vanilla LucyListen To The Music (Inst.)
Vanilla LucyFrench Love (English Ver.)
Vanilla LucyListen To The Music
Vanilla LucyLucid Dream
Vanilla Lucy비행소녀 (주인공놀이)
Last person you left a shout to?
Don't remember and I already did to many things on, so it is not on Recent Activity anymore... Let's pretend it was nyah_min.Last person who left you a shout?
marianavalentinMost frequently used tag?

Closest event?
None.How long have you been a member?
Since 2009/Oct/02.How many overall plays do you have?
7380 plays.How many loved tracks?
315 loved tracks.What are your top 10 overall artists?
001 Boa 622 plays
002 2NE1 485 plays
003 ガゼット 473 plays
004 Big Bang 454 plays
005 C.N.Blue 409 plays
006 다비치 407 plays
007 디아 290 plays
008 東方神起 249 plays
009 동방신기 199 plays
010 시크릿 161 plays
Top 10 artists in the last seven days?
001 Danny Elfman 88 plays
002 Boa 51 plays
003 C.N.Blue 40 plays
004 浜崎あゆみ 26 plays
005 Epik High 20 plays
006 AnyBand 16 plays
006 2NE1 16 plays
007 디아 13 plays
008 Clazziquai Project 12 plays
008 Miss A 12 plays
008 시크릿 12 plays
009 홍경민 11 plays
009 Vanilla Lucy 11 plays
010 Jay Park 10 plays
What are your top 10 overall most played songs?
001 2NE1날 따라 해봐요 111 plays
002 나디아Twinkling Boy 73 plays
003 CL & 민지Please Don't Go 71 plays
004 C.N.BlueY, Why... 68 plays
005 2NE1Fire 61 plays
006 C.N.Blue그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다... 60 plays
007 BoaPossibility 56 plays
008 2NE1Let's Go Party 55 plays
009 Kanon WakeshimaStill Doll 50 plays
009 2NE1Pretty Boy 50 plays
010 다비치8282 49 plays
010 C.N.BlueNow or Never
What are your top 10 most played songs in the last seven days?
001 浜崎あゆみSURREAL 15 plays
002 Danny ElfmanOogie Boogie's Song, Sally's Song, Jack's Obsession, Opening and Christmas Eve Montage 5 plays
003 Danny ElfmanThis is Halloween, Making Christmas, Poor Jack, Jack's Lament, Closing, To the Rescue, What's ThisTown Meeting Song and Finale - Reprise 4 plays
003 Marilyn MansonThis Is Halloween 4 plays
003 Miss A딱 마주쳐 4 plays
003 Jay ParkCount On Me (Nothin on You) (Full Melody English Ver.) 4 plays

I have 19 songs with 3 plays, so... I'll stop it here.
What bands do you find you most have in common with people?
Boa, 2NE1, ガゼット, Big Bang, C.N.Blue and 동방신기.What bands do you find you have least in common with people?
디아, 길학미, 蔡依林, 4Men, Danny Elfman, 나디아 and 나비.What was the last band recommended by that you really got into?
Brown Eyed Girls, 8eight, 張力尹 and Screw.Are you a member of any groups?
Yeah. 17.Now playing?
오랫동안 (Your Smile) by 천상지희 The Grace


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