Quest - The Ultimate Love Song (part V)


17 Ago 2008, 0:21

Okay. Thought it was about time to continue my search for the ultimate lovesong. Waiting for winter isn't quite an excuse to stop looking for Love. Ultimate Love, to be more specific.

Well. I've traveled some roads: old loves, new loves, cowboys, fairytales. I kinda ran out of roads.

I'm about to give up on love. As did Miranda Lambert in Kerosene:
I gave it everything I had and everything I got was bad
Life aint hard but it's too long to live it like some country song
Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really aint a crime
I'm giving up on love cause love's given up on me

As a matter of fact, maybe the road will lead the way to The Ultimate Love Song...

Andy Griggs isn't doing all that bad in his 'The Road To Lasting Love'. This song's seems to have everything. It's realistically negative:
The doorways here are always dark,
Keep movin', it's not safe to park.
'Cause this ain't no lover's lane.

It's where infatuation goes,
You hit this long, strange stretch of road.
And you don't know where it leads.

But is quite positive too:
You know if faith and hope and trust,
Ain't ridin' in these hearts with us,
This trip's gonna break on me.

Oh, I've never seen the other side,
But, girl, when you look in my eyes,
I've seen it out there,
I believe that we can make it, baby.

Yeah. This song actually does have potential! Gonna remember this one, for I am still not sure about the ultimate thing in this lovesong. It's good though, it's good.

Further down the road (Indian Gown) I go...

Dierks Bentley goes down the road 'Free And Easy'

Not quite a lovesong, but hey, Dierks not too bad himself, now, is he?

Brooks & Dunn don't get me overly excited with their 'Red Dirt Road neither. Nope. No ultimate love to be found out in the red dirt.

And yes! I found a sappy, sappy road-lovesong:
Collin Raye's All My Roads
Oh boy. I'm not gonna even comment on this one... Can anyone believe this???
I couldnt see it then but I was never lost
cause all my roads have led me to
This night, this love I share with you
And though the road was never smooth
Life has made me someone who
Could be the right someone for you

Yep. Guess I'm just a bittered 'almost-40-year-old'.

Guess good old Johnny Cash is telling me, in a way, I'll have to keep my faith:
Further up on the Road

Did I just say Johnny Cash? That immediately brings me to the love of his life: June Carter. Oh boy. Now. Those two had 'The Ultimate Love'.

As did realise Heidi Newfield, formerly know from Trick Pony in her 'Johnny And June.

Although not an ultimate lovesong, it is a song that makes me longing for a love like Johnny and June desperately. Ring of fire, burn it with you...

I'm gonna Walk The Line. To bed, that is.

Still not anywhere closer to my ultimate lovesong, as did Heidi make me realise.

But hey. I just have to get back On The Road Again in my next Quest.

I still have some exploring to do in the Country Duets...


(to be continued)


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