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  • pidekin

    Thanks for the music friendship. (^^)

    28 Sep 18:27 Responder
  • Koziser

    but I did not grieve because in the end small is beautiful is not it ? XDD

    12 Jul 18:16 Responder
  • Koziser

    Everyone told me that I would be high and there ass : <

    6 Jul 16:17 Responder
  • Koziser

    I'll have literally everything in the mini size XDD. I had to be high and I have only 160 centimeters tall : //

    6 Jul 15:33 Responder
  • Koziser

    thank you. I was with a friend today and I got a bracelet. Just had to tie it to me because my hand is a little thin XD

    5 Jul 21:44 Responder
  • Koziser

    hi . thank you for accepting How are you ? ^^

    3 Jul 21:04 Responder
  • Kpoplover2011

    Aw yes They are the only group I stan though I do love quite a few others :D, I am in love with your av, cutie Nana :D <3

    22 Abr 1:55 Responder
  • Kpoplover2011

    Thank you for accepting me lovely <3 :D

    21 Abr 23:58 Responder
  • tarobyun

    no problem :)

    23 Feb 19:49 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    im not sure as well, i hope not :P 2ne1 is releasing their digitals on 24th i guess.

    16 Feb 11:54 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    oh but you still have some time to decide so dont worry it will come eventually. and as for me, even though im in uni now im not sure if the major (im majoring in logistics engineering) i choose is good for me. but i will find it out later in my life xD whatever xD but honestly i want to work in a big company with a hugeeee building. yeah ive seen it! i cant wait it will be awesome but 2ne1 is coming the same day...

    13 Feb 13:16 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    oh i see :p btw do you know what would you like to do in the future? like, who you want to become? yeah i know it sounds boring... but i hope its just the teasers and we will actualy get something nice. for me it doesnt really matter if its duos or group songs but i understand how you feel :(

    9 Feb 17:11 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    ohh field trip, so yeah thats lame ;-; where were you supposed to go on that trip? i hope they will postpone it for you for another day :D ohhhhh i see, though 3 days is not much so yeah i also think its worth it :P yeah i saw it i must say it was kinda ummmm plain, but i think i will like chinese version of breath. and you?

    8 Feb 21:12 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    yeah i think so, but for me i dont really care if its just a solo or a group song as long as chen is in it xD i know i wonder what happened. maybe hes not a trainee anymore? oh really? is it really that cold now? so what have you been doing this day without school? :D will you have -1 day of holidays because of it?

    7 Feb 16:36 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    yeah if you still like anime check it, its romance/mecha themed. but its lovely :3 oh yeah i understand you ;-; anyway some people are just like this, maybe one day they will find out what they miss. oh i see :D anyway i still like sm better than yg. yeah im excited for my chen! xD and for taeyeon. i dont really care about others but im still looking forward to it xD are you excited for this? :3

    6 Feb 15:10 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    full metal panic was the best among those that i mentioned tbh XD oohhh and of course i forgot about my favourite one - code geass. but anyway thats all in the past now i dont watch it anymore, really. yeah i also hated them xD but then, one day, i saw one variety show (star golden bell) where snsd kara 2pm and shinee were all together and i started to like snsd :D anyway i know so many people that only like girl groups or only boy groups. i think its kinda lame cause they dont know what they miss. do you still like miss a? oh yeah i see :( i dont know nine muses names but i loved wild. like really really loved this song. no not really im rather jype fan :P i only like snsd and exo from sm now. (and a bit of fx), anyway why? are you sm fan?

    5 Feb 17:28 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    oh you watched it? i myself havent, i havent watched anime in such a long time. though i really liked it back then. but now i think im too old for that :P anyway i still love death note, full metal panic, ouran high school hots club, skip beat and la corda d'oro, have you watched any of it? :D yeah i love snsd the most. anyway i actually like every girl group out there :D fx and nine muses are also great a bit sad that those 2 girls are "graduating" as star empire said :<

    2 Feb 21:33 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    well adtoy was fine but the whole album... i was just disappointed ;-; i hope they will come back this year with something awesome like AAA. oh yeah the varieties... i started to like them because of that actually xD oh i see :D what about girl groups? do you like them?

    1 Feb 11:15 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    no youre not like a baby! i dont really care if youre 40 or 10, its fine as long as we can communicate :D i just asked out of curiousity. dont worry i dont think so and you seem to be more mature than me haha :D yesss though they havent released anything good since hands up and im so uggggggh kinda tired of this :_: so i found exo to satisfy my musical need :P umm and i guess yours is shinee since you have so many plays of them! but, i have to be honest with you, i dont really like shinee ;-; i mean i liked them, very very much once, (till lucifer), but then their polish fans kinda pissed me off :< but i still like their cuteness and thier faces, but i dont follow them and i dont really listen to them :<

    31 Ene 13:18 Responder
  • TreyRacer

    gosh im so jealous! why my country is like thissss seriously! at least i dont go to school already but well i still need to go to the uni ;-; yeah good advice ok i will thanks XD how old are you? :3

    30 Ene 18:18 Responder
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