The Cinematic Orchestra - Live at the Barbican


7 May 2007, 22:22


  • musiclikedirt

    The last track is supposedly a Stravinsky piece The Rite of Spring but dont quote me on that

    7 May 2007, 22:41
  • saar_jt

    Ah, great, thank you!

    8 May 2007, 12:11
  • Roelven

    Awesome! Cheers.

    8 May 2007, 13:07
  • Artok

    It's nice to see both Ode to the Big Sea and Channel 1 Suite included in a recent setlist, since those are maybe my two favorite songs by The Cinematic Orchestra and I'm seeing the band live this summer.

    9 May 2007, 18:13
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