we may not be whole anymore........but i'll always have that fractured piece in my heart...also i just realized there's 126 songs. 126 was and always is significant to him..

126 temas
songs i put on repeat over and over when no one else is in the car

these songs are on repeat when i'm alone in my car doing that 75 mile drive every thurs and sun night, i just can't stop!..more to come, i didn't know they made beats like this out there....orgasm...

70 temas
Ginger the woman who makes me sing HOLE to her ;)

great times with this woman, itroduced me to the deftones, and much more...great long car rides with our cigs and black nails on the 210.... <3 her making me sing doll parts to her every time it...

62 temas
toni aka seal

mostly her favorite songs but then there's ones where we had amazing times to that soon became both of our faves. <3

166 temas
when your name and number is written on bathroom stalls in your home town

fuckin high school music too lazy to add more but you get the jist/ black hoodie CD player and bulky headphones

199 temas
fuck me

hardcore slam you against a wall

13 temas
80's party

glitter and shit

45 temas
Make love

Slow Burn, sexy night.....

24 temas
high school---more to add

paint it black

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