• New Order - 25 years after

    27 Ago 2012, 2:49

    Wed 22 Aug – New Order
    My first time at Fort Canning Park. I was expecting an indoor venue where music like New Order, or even Massive Attack, would find a better home in. But it's a grass area where people drink and sit. Woodstocky.

    The set list was pretty much the same as their other tour. Taking a few minutes break in between songs actually made the experience slightly up and down. A bit of a shame. Closed with Love Will Tear Us Apart and a background "Forever Joy Division". Eih?
  • Massive Attack - and a point of action

    8 Ene 2010, 17:49

    Now that I've been to a few concerts in Paris, I am reminded to note a very important issue:

    You are short. The French are much much taller.

    It would have been nicer had I gotten the seated areas. Being the petite Asian that I am, all I could see were the back of people's bodies, not even heads. My neck was sore from looking up most of the time, trying to catch a glimpse of anybody on stage. I saw the background art and a few heads but that was that.

    But soundwise, it was great. I saw one or two who were moving and grooving on their own rhythm - seeing Lucy in the sky of diamonds. Whatever. Though the music made me crave for Marlboro Light Menthol, bad.

    They played tracks from their latest album and a few known ones. I truly appreciated 'Teardrops', 'Safe from Harm' and Inertia Creeps. Nothing much was improvised.

    Back to the topic of height or the lack thereof, what's my next step? Get seated off course. What about this next concert, AC/DC?
  • Porcupine Tree - bringing recording sounds live. L'Olympia, October 2009

    26 Nov 2009, 20:48

    If I closed my eyes, I would've mistaken the sound I heard to be coming from a stereo system, except the speakers were as big as my house. SW and his gang did not deviate much from the recordings, no improvisations (that I heard, anyway) and everything was well timed, even to the 10-minute3 break. But the sound and the acoustic was excellent : it was all worth it. I was far back in the balcony but it was okay. PT's music is to be listened to, not seen. Oh, and he wore his shoes this time.
  • L'Olympia of Paris

    17 Nov 2009, 22:42

    It is just a stone's throw away from where I live. Less than five Metro stops and during warm evenings, I much prefer to walk there. But both Porcupine Tree and Yes came during chilly weather. First time I attended a concert of a mid size arena, I remember Victoria Theatre in Melbourne for Al Jarreau twenty years ago. But L'Olympia had better acoustics. Steven Wilson's Porcupine Tree was my acid test. The sound was clear, with the loudness set just about right. But then, it could just be PT's way of doing things. Because as much as I love Yes, it didn't sound as well as PT. I wonder.

    And the ushers work on tips. That's something new too.
  • YES - a once in a lifetime for me

    17 Nov 2009, 21:30

    Wed 11 Nov – Yes What's so precious for me is that this might be my only chance to see Yes, if not for the ageing members of Yes but also my time in Europe is only temporary. They opened with Siberian Kathru which was the one song I looked for more than anything. Overall, I would say the concert was about Steve Howe and friends. More to come