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  • Essence_Himself

    Ugh, sorry for the delay! x) Nope, I guess "taste-o-meter" is correct, we just changed our tastes ALOT. Ah, I see! What kind of studying are you planning? In what area? I'm still a lazy student, yep, and I'll be the one for two more years (actually I wish I could keep being a student longer, so, maybe I'll study something else, too) Job.. it's always a problem ._. You know, I'm going to Germany in June and I haven't even managed to save enough money yet :'D

    Hace 8 horas Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Did you see that Grooveshark said goodbye to us? GOODBYE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 May 2:23 Responder
  • dacowako

    exactly me and my man VIPER gon rock youtube with this shit:

    27 Abr 20:50 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    In that category to be frustrated. In my opinion is something that occurs naturally, so I won't be searching for anything likely!! Me: I have a lot of homeworks, as usual, I'm not working so I'm not earning any money :((( and I help mom in the house too!! :) in fact we painted the whole house and we're still finishing the inside! Everything got brighter and now all looks perfect etc! xD

    27 Abr 2:45 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    with him. I don't even know if I want something right now, specifically with him! The whole thing is very new, so I don't know him at all. If something happens I'll tell you about it haha! But I doubt it, I don't want nothing right now. And I don't have interest in just hang out so... Now, I already told you that, I hardly think I'm going to find "friends", and I don't have this need in finding them, you know? I categorize this in a very special and complex way. I have nice people to talk with and that's ok. They don't know me and they will never will, deeply, neihter I will know them. There's no need right now. Seriously! And about helpful people: FINALLY YES hahaha I'm in a group where people works, this is so good and weird at the same time! :D Everything is going pretty awesome! Now, look to your situation, you have this friends that you complain about, they never have time to do anything, that isn't very friendly, right? That's what I talk about! I don't want to put someone+

    27 Abr 2:42 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    You just did a huge college work bout feminism, it shocks me you say that so much. Last year I saw a situation that Madonna showed her boobs to a magazine, and Annie Lennox on a talkshow named "loose women" said that that was very wrong and there was no reason to do it. You see, both of them were promoting their works. The way a women choose to express that isn't the real problem. But think of that: only the "well dressed for that ocassion" one is bothered with this subject. This is so hard to be explain in english! I hope I get to explain my thoughs right! Now, about Rihanna: I never saw artistry value in what she sings (cause she doesn't even write and compose). It's just about charts. If she looses that I don't know what will happen ahahaha Yes, it was rehearsed before, or at least them both knew there would be a kiss. The scenario showed that, their positions and everything. Plus: all Madonna does is very calculated, so that is guaranteed!! Now, I don't think this is my BIG CHANCE+

    27 Abr 2:35 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    both of them. They both have specifics roles to play, right? The women always there "sexy", prepared, even when she's choosing to be like that or not. Same for men, always "sexy", manly and rough. If you take their clothes off you'll see that they all kept a long time in gym so they could play their roles, right? :) What I want to say is that this is always imposed, someway or another. But the girl suffers more, cause she have some limitations on how to act or dress. There's the boundaries of bitchness and saintness, and they all have to fulfill that right, being carefull to not miss a detail or something. She needs to be the bitch to "earn a man" and a saint to marry with one, or just on or other, or both at the same time, who can tell. And there's the problem with nipples and nursing that is huge and so complex as this one we're talking about. So, if the girl is comfortable and says "fuck off everyone" and wear whatever she wants, why is that a real problem? Why it bothers you?

    27 Abr 2:27 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Use a shirt with decolletage that this is just so wrong! :) Think about that. And then again, you're talking bout different things. When it comes to singers and artists in general the scene changes a bit. First of all, they all kind follow the "beauty industry" just to stay in business. Think of that in the big scene, ok? Painting the hair after it comes "that certain age", keep thin, do some crazy balanced diet, do the eyebrows and etc, everything, big and small. Now: there's a certain cultural stereotypes imposed to women and men. While the first needs to be always on flick to fulfill the desire of men, the second needs to be always manly, rough to impose respect and show that his sexuality is trully what is was supposed to be. Picture Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. Both of them are the biggest representatives (male and female) of singers of the pop industry. See "Partition" or "Blow" video and then see "Suit and Tie" or "Tunnel Vision" and see how man and woman are represented on+

    27 Abr 2:18 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    I don't know if I'll really buy them, if that happens I'll probably have some money to do it! :) Well, you entered in a very complex subject. First of all: there's no difference in dressing sexy and confident whether that's related with "shirts with decolletage and stuff" or not, in school, university, street or wherever girls wants to go to wearing whatever they want to. The only difference is on freedom for choosing clothes and where to wear them and obscenity. But there's another problem: the concept of obscenity changes to one person to other, right? I said "freedom for chosing clothes" but I still think that's far from happen, wheter the girl really chooses or because someone is "choosing" for them. This thing of nudism by girls and boys is faced so differently. Some things that are faced like normal to men aren't when it comes to a girl. And this is lame. A guy walking around shirtless is ok, but a girl shirtless, topless, walking around isn't! Isn't that strange? She can't even+

    27 Abr 2:09 Responder
  • TheAirmode

    You have good library too!

    26 Abr 5:14 Responder
  • machine_head_72

    thanks for accepting! Interesting music taste.

    25 Abr 20:13 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    + more often ♥

    23 Abr 3:49 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    wasn't very positive, right? :D I think this is bad... it kinda reforce the image of a "bad old mouth" or something (which is a thing that I read a lot in a lot of places) etc etc no one can really know what happened! Some says that her grillz hurt drake's mouth AHAHA I just had a BIG PRESENTATION TODAY, it went all okay you know? I'm happy and optimist about it! It seems that I finally found my group there, not a group I would say, but there's a new group coming up and I'm a part of it, seems weird to me, I still don't think I am friends with anyone there, I just talk etc but nothing so complex or deep as a friendship relation! Do you know what I mean? AND: there's a guy flirting with me HAHAHAHAHA I wish I was dead!!!!!!! He's cute but I don't think I can face this, you know? It's all very funny and confuse, most part of the times I don't know how to act and he's always talking with and asking me things etc! What about you??? I miss our conversations too <3 I hope you ask me things+

    23 Abr 3:49 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    ... cause I don't think that any of (Madonna's) gay fans pays a expensive ticket to see her body haha She's a performer, and this thing that she do is and always was very political! I didn't listen to nothing that Rihanna release, just FourFiveSeconds (?) and Bitch Better Have My Money (?) wich I didn't think insteresting, you see? But I was never a huge fan anyway, so that can happen! What do you think? She said that she want to stay relevant but I don't think people will remind these songs a year from now tbh! hahaha sad but true! Nowadays, I don't think we have a really huge pop act that will change and mark music industry! Bout Madonna's and Drake's performance, hmmmmmmm! That was weird, I agree. I don't know why she sang Hung Up there cause there was no link to the place and song, you know? Bout the kiss: it was nothing forced or surprised, it was all very rehearsed. Bout Drake's reaction, hmmm, I don't know what to think hahahaha I don't know why he did that face but the result

    23 Abr 3:44 Responder
  • lelolelolelelo

    Now I won't buy any version cause I don't have any money... but when I do, I'll definitely buy the 3 of them :) I think you really have a problem with women showing off their bodies and the reason for this maybe is the fact that you feel insecure. It's reverse psychology, I think, but I'm no pro, so I can't say certainly! I had some familiar problems, after think a lot about them, and after hearing from somebody else I realised how prejudiced and dictator I was being, so I stoped! We can talk about this in pm, I think! In case of Madonna, I don't think she ever sold her body, I think she always used prejudiced against prejudiced! The fact that society thinks a woman should hide her body and the fact that Madonna always countered that is the reason that people is so against (her). And I don't think this interfere on her art, or devalues at any point. This is a very complex subject, isn't it? I think we should ask ourselves: "why she shouldn't "sell" (as you say) her body" +

    23 Abr 3:36 Responder
  • Jon_Santos

    Olá, como vai? Está aceita.

    22 Abr 0:52 Responder
  • SkyDreamer101

    She could have tried a bit more but honestly Sparks is the best she's released in 7 years or so haha so i'm just quite happy with her just making music :) You're right about the pop-rock oriented music like on her album Called Hilary Duff! I liked that sound! OH YES I'm obsessed with K-pop but i mean lately it's just been such a phase but i'm low key pissed off at Girls Generation for kicking out My BIAS JESSICA JUNG she was one of the main members for a reason and they said oh it's gonna conflict when it didnt.. her solo stuff was just making her money not GG so that's why they kicked her out... but other than that I LOVE f(x) , 4minute , GG , Sistar , 2Ne1 , EXO, Infinite, APink, Girls Day, Kara, T-ara, Quite a few.... i just can't remember them all. I DEEP DOWN WISH TO BE SOUTH KOREAN SO BAD OR I WANNA DATE A SOUTH KOREAN PERSON, like i love the culture and food and all. but None of them will find me even slightly attractive because i'm well ugly :D LOL so i've accepted that fact.

    21 Abr 5:08 Responder
  • dacowako

    Literally nigger-tier music. Takes absolutely zero skill to make a rap song with equally zero effort put in. You just play a beat on the computer and start making up ill-structured phrases and BAM you got yourself over 5 million views on YouTube. Of course we have to exclude some realest nigga artists like viper or 50 cent because they're just hilarious

    20 Abr 23:51 Responder
  • Khrizhel


    20 Abr 21:31 Responder
  • Khrizhel

    I wanted to speak English fluently to talk to you , you seem to be a very nice person. And I already have ten more years ... 33

    20 Abr 21:06 Responder
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