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  • Julkinson

    You're welcome ;)

    29 Mar 15:31 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    ''Thank you to so many fans and people all over the world for the beautiful birthday wishes! Please don't send me any gifts, your love is enough!'' Lady Gaga on Facebook. She's just the sweetest!

    29 Mar 9:31 Responder
  • flammeimwind333

    thanks for accepting..I love that you have such a divers taste. You are cool :D

    28 Mar 16:08 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    I'll never forget her 25th birthday, she was on stage performing and her dancers gave her a birthday cake, she blew the candles and said: ''I'm gonna wish for health and happiness for all my fans around the world.'' There's no other superstar who loves their fans more than her. ♥

    28 Mar 8:49 Responder
  • lacrymosarust


    28 Mar 8:08 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    I'm so, so, so happy for you that you have that amazing chance! Don't forget to write me again tomorrow, dear, to tell me everything! ^-^

    26 Mar 17:21 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    You're really gonna meet them tomorrow, darling? OH.MY.GOD. You're so fucking lucky!

    26 Mar 17:01 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    ''The Greatest Show on Earth'' is a pure masterpiece. ♥

    26 Mar 16:32 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    I like ''Yours is an empty hope'' and ''TGSOE'' very much, but most of the new songs sound boring and pretty weak to me, I don't know why, but Floor is way better than Anette and the new album is better than both ''Dark Passion Play'' and ''Imaginaerum'' with Anette. And you?

    26 Mar 16:26 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    Honey, I was wrong. Gaga's birthday is not on Friday, but Saturday, haha. Stupid me. :D

    26 Mar 11:58 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    Awh, that's amazing and I'm so glad that you're more positive. I'm really happy for you. Positive thoughts bring positive things and there's nothing better than that. Oh, the new Nightwish album? I just downloaded it actually, can't wait to listen to it.

    25 Mar 18:40 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    YAS! Our sweet, little angel will be 29. What's going on with you anyway, dear? ♥

    25 Mar 12:42 Responder
  • lacrymosarust

    Hey, darling. ♥ I'm pretty fine, thank you for asking. Everything's fine, I'm mostly studying and reading these days and I'm super excited for Gaga's birthday this Friday. Can't wait. What about you?

    25 Mar 11:34 Responder
  • True-Villain

    I like EFMB, but I prefer their albums with Tarja. They are simply better. ^^ And you?

    25 Mar 6:25 Responder
  • Tarjever

    Have you tried it? A very interesting project!

    22 Mar 7:20 Responder
  • nDroae

    Thanks for the add :)

    22 Mar 1:56 Responder
  • NickiGermanotta

    Accepted ♥

    19 Mar 21:33 Responder
  • kornmanson112

    What do you think about the new Nightwish album? :3

    19 Mar 18:44 Responder
  • kornmanson112

    Here you can download the album. :3

    19 Mar 13:49 Responder
  • True-Villain

    Of course :3 Nice taste <3

    16 Mar 19:15 Responder
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