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31 Oct 2010, 12:36

As you all know from the last version of this top list, there'll be two separate lists, one for Kelly and one of others. If you like, one for pop and one for metal. Naturally the introductions will (hopefully!) be shorter for the albums that were included on the first listing. After the first three, the albums are quite evenly matched, which explains some small, time dependent changes. I even try to keep my list updated all the time to lessen the changes caused by my mood swings. Thank You for reading!

1. My December -
2. Breakaway -
3. All I Ever Wanted *NEW*
Kelly Clarkson returned to the best selling ways of Breakaway in 2009. Barely trailing the mentioned album in my rankings. A much better balanced album that will stand the tides of time better as a whole. The lead single My Life Would Suck Without You also starts the album and sets the tone for things to come - and what kind of things! Not Kelly's best but a must for all the fans.

1. Jäähyvästi *NEW*
More thoroughly discussed in its own journal entry. Saattue's first album sets a new standard for perfection, so naturally my all time most played 7 tracks are all on this album (there are only 7 songs).

2. Vuoroveri *NEW*
Jäähyvästi set some major pressure for the success of the next album (not necessarily in mass media). Vuoroveri didn't disappoint and brought up a more melodic and diverse band than what released its debut on one stormy and dark night in 2008. The lead single Vapahtaja was aimed to attract more public with a trademark catchy melody, little more speed and a solo from Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom). Naturally this was frightening for me, but the album delivered and I was sold. In the context Vapahtaja works way better and it's one of my favourites along with Taakka and Häpeän Linnut. As you can tell from the song titles Vuoroveri is less about death and more about the depression and agony of life itself.

3. Shrouded Divine *NEW*
The only real challenger for Saattue's dominance calls itself In Mourning and hails, quite surprisingly for my charts, from Sweden. As the name suggests, the songs are quite depressing and sad, dealing with agony and death. Could you come up with a better recipe for me? Shrouded Divine was the band's debut album and it turned a new page in the scene, although I personally shun the term. After the first impressions Amnesia turned out to be kind of a turn down on an otherwise brilliant album.

4. Silent Waters -3
Amorphis holds on to the 3rd place after getting its ass kicked by the newcomers.

5. The Cold White Light -3
The cold white heart of a Finnish man still beats with the sound from the church bell of Konevitsa.

6. Helvetistä itään -2
Helvetistä itään, Minä olen, Yö päivää keinuttaa... 'nuff said!

7. Icaros +3
Icaros continues his flight towards certain doom and manages to rise a few positions since the last time. I'll have to quote myself: "I thought I had to mention few songs especially but realized that the list would cover almost all the tracks on the album."

8. Monolith *NEW*
Trailing the success of their debut album the Black Lodge band came back with a strong follow-up. Though losing in wholeness, the album bears some brilliant songs like For You to Know and The Smoke, not to forget the new song about the Black Lodge. The first half of the album is indeed overwhelming the other, stealing the attention it deserves.

9. Deadlight -7
Surprisingly it was the flagship of Tuomas Saukkonen that took the biggest hit in the top 10. Weirdly listening to the other albums from the Man lead to Deadlight's demise, though greatly increasing my respect towards the artist.

10. Mutter -4
After the huge disappointment that some call Liebe ist für alle da, you can always turn back time to the glorious days of Rammstein.

11. Dieversity -4
Entwine also had a lackluster showing with their newest installment, Painstained, but the old classics are still golden.

12. Holographic Universe *NEW*
Although In Mourning now steals the spotlight, Scar Symmetry was the premier Swedish band for me.With two very strong albums, before Christian left the band, they built up a reputation that would be hard to follow for any band. Differing greatly from the themes my other favourite albums, the band says that the main inspiration during the recording process was string theory. Although I'm not that far in my Physics studies, isn't that something that should interest a physicist? Even the album art captures the theme well. The predecessor Pitch Black Progress (will come up soon) might be better suited for a recommendation but Holographic Universe doesn't lose to it in anything.

13. Eclipse -9
The fiery album is still strongly the 2nd from Amorphis, although taking a huge hit in overall rankings. As mentioned before, the gaps aren't that big.

14. Isolation Songs *NEW*
The debut Guided by Fire got some plays on my trusty foobar2000 but the 2nd album from Ghost Brigade caught me off guard. A very well balanced album with the same usual theme that I like is a sure way to get my attention. Strangely there aren't more this kind of albums, is it because I have a bad taste or is it just not that easy to write hits like Concealed Revulsions? Be that as it may, Ghost Brigade is here to stay.

15. Pitch Black Progress *NEW*
The universal hit album, with one of the all time best songs The Illusionist, is a magnificent album from Scar Symmetry. Being one of the very hard bands to understand and at the same time musically so brilliant I haven't quite figured out the theme of the album. The art is awesome and songs are awesome, the album is well balanced and whole, so does it even matter? Besides the worldwide hit, Oscillation Point is my favourite song from the album (as well as from the band), a little different from the usual style and brilliant as such.

16. Reise Reise -7
Covering up from the bombardment of the new records Reise, Reise falls a few spots but most importantly still hangs in the game and the chart.

17. Are You Dead Yet? -9
The Children of Bodom still cling on to the top 10 spot in the most played artists list, though catching less and less scrobbles every month. Reason for the bands bad success isn't this great album.

18. Rosenrot -7
Running out of things to say so... Wo bist du 4EVA! Sorry about that...

19. Crimson -6
The Cold White Light isn't the only trick the deceased Sentenced still has up its sleeve. Crimson barely makes it to the top 20, but is still clearly one of my all time favourite albums.

20. Wintersun -3
With the lingering hope of Time still happening, Jari's first solo album clings on to the spot in the top 20 successfully. For what it's worth in public view, congratulations!

Now I know that - indicating lost of position isn't that obvious and mathematically sound. As we say in Finland: "Karhu kanssani"! Same goes for the typos once again... And again thank You for reading!


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