My "Top 50 Artists" Quiz (10 Questions)


23 Mar 2010, 20:51

Based upon the Overall Top 50 Artists in my library, I've answered the following questions. This wasn't invented by me, I found it somewhere else on Last.FM - so feel free to use it too (:

[1.] How did you get into artist 35?
No Doubt
Got into them through my mum. She used to repetetively listen to Hey Baby when I was little.

[2.] What was the first song you ever heard by artist 22?
Rachel Stevens
First song? Would have been Sweet Dreams My LA Ex

[3.] What's your favourite lyric by artist 14?
Britney Spears
"If you don't like the company,
Lets just do it you and me.
You and me.
A three.
Or four, on the floor"
From the song 3

[4.] What is your favorite album by artist 49?
Favourite album is 'Fallen' as it has my favourite track, Whisper on it.

[5.] How many albums by artist 13 do you own?
Just two: 'Liberal Transmission' and 'The Betrayed' as the rest are on my Spotify (:

[6.] What is your favorite song by artist 50?
Leona Lewis
My favourite song is I Got You

[7.] Is there a song by artist 39 that makes you sad?
None of her songs make me sad, they're all too happy and enjoyable.

[8.] What is your favorite album by artist 15?
Ohh god. Back to being ten. It was the album 'Steps Gold'.

[9.] What is your favorite song by artist 5?
Favourite song is Dancing With Tears in My Eyes

[10.] Is there a song by artist 6 that makes you happy?
The song Too Lost in You makes me happy, not sure why though...



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