10 songs: Chillllllled.


20 Ene 2008, 22:56

Hey kids! Today's music programming is brought to you by the number 10 and the random vaguely emotional category 'relaxed'. Possibly because I've been hugely lazy for the last two weeks, despite technically having gone back to work. And classes start this week, so I'll be more in need of relaxing, I figure. Something like that.

The other issue would be that today was a good day for sitting around inside, what with it being sub-freezing (and then windy) outside, so I find myself leaning toward the sort of music that is easily enjoyed without getting up to do anything energetic, like dancing.


Sunny Afternoon: I was reminded of the brilliance of Ray Davies this last week, for some reason. And this is one of my favourites, ode to laziness that it is.
Slip Slidin' Away: another brilliant songwriter from... yeah, just a few decades ago. Less than the Kinks, though. This is just such a lovely song, both for the melody and the lyrics (Garfunkel may have had the voice, but Simon has all the actual song talent). "A good day ain't got no rain... a bad day's when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been."
The Clash: yeah, so The Clash aren't usually associated with laziness, but I had an urge for this song last week, and it fitted in even worse there. It does have that sort of sweeping opening couple of lines to each verse that fits, too. "Who.. needs... the parliament..."
Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over: The other theme of this week was a tour through Britpop... and this one is one of my favourite Charlatans songs ever. It just sounds like it's being sung with a smile, trite as that is. It makes me grin.
I Can't Sleep: Still in Manchester, just a few years earlier. The La's are odd, in that they sound brainless and not-brainless, all at the same time. And this is definitely the best of their songs... at least the best of their songs that haven't been tainted by being on every American teen TV show/movie with pretensions to intelligence of the last ten years (poor There She Goes).
Late In The Day: this track always makes me nostalgic for 1997, and British MTV. The video with them jumping round on pogo sticks? So much love. And the song is similarly weird but adorable.
Look Inside America: not so much Britpop as the album that marks the end of Britpop (but in a good way), but this was the one I picked first for the week. Damon, finally calming down a little (and taking America into his heart... woohoo.). It makes a good soundtrack for watching Presidential primaries, incidentally.
Lord Only Knows: because I needed some American stuff in here. I'd kinda forgotten in the last couple of months just how good Beck really is (this song reminded me randomly this week). There's so much 'weird californian genre-hopping sorta-rock' out there (and of course I love most of it), but he's definitely a step up from the general run. And Odelay is more 90s nostalgia for me. And from America! 'she's alright, she's alright..' indeed. Damon was right!
Keep Fallin': Hot Chip really are weird, and sometimes in a way that really does make me grin. 'Lately I've been staring in the mirror wondering how the hell does Stevie Wonder see things', being the major lyric in this song. So fun.
Girl Sailor: more American stuff! Another song from Wincing the Night Away that just kept growing on me. The lyrics are kinda sad, but the song is just relaxed and pretty, in an unimposing sort of way. Easy listening!!!

Which is really the theme of this week, for whatever reason. Music that takes no effort to listen to.


  • beaubier

    Obviously I love the Kinks, but Sunny Afternoon is one of those things I can't NOT listen to over and over when it comes on. It's up there on my list of their songs... not sure where, but definitely top five. And just the way he sings it! LAZY! Late In The Day, for some reason, always strikes me as like... exceptionally good songwriting. There's something about how it's constructed that always makes me feel very strange, but in a good way. Like I'm falling asleep! Perfect! And... okay I like pretty much every one of these a lot. But I do love Just When You're Thinking Things Over. I don't even care what he's singing about in it, it's so good. (Sad that that's my mark of a fun song... but yes. I like Oasis. Enough said.) It has a lot of Tim-Personality I think. What, though? No Cure?!

    23 Ene 2008, 17:02
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