New trends in music listening?


1 Feb 2009, 13:12

As you might know i'm 99 years old (more or less). This means that i'm one of those guys who grew up listening to vinyl and tapes.

Back then I would listen to a new album from track one to final track, reading the lyrics at the same time, exploring all the albuns credits, admiring the artwork and so on... (this would happen at least 10 times for the same album).

Those were also the days in wich lending a record to a friend would be like sharing a girlfriend (not really, but you get my drift)...
Those were also the days in wich p2p would mean copying a borrowed record to a tape...
Those were also the days where everyone knew the complete lyrics of an entire album...

Where i'm going with this?

Just another little question: how is your music listening experience nowadays?

Do you hear an entire album through?

More than once? Do you buy music?

Do you share music with friends?

Have you read the album lyrics?


Are you a "modern person" that buys a 99 cents music from iTunes, from a random album, and once you take a listen, it stays forever untouched in your hardrive?

Leave your comments.


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