Lyrics game... a fairly easy one


22 Sep 2007, 3:28

Since I'd probably score less than half if I put my iTunes on shuffle, I picked 40 that I actually know off the top of my head.

Here goes... and no cheating!

1. "My name is Keith from Wilcannia Street"
The Wilcannia Mob - Down River/M.I.A. - Mango Pickle Down River (with The Wilcannia Mob) - TheSecondComing

2. "You should cut down on your porklife, mate, get some exercise!"
Blur - Parklife - 23MAL

3. "Every finger in the room is pointing at me
I wanna spit in their faces
But I get afraid of what that could bring"

Tori Amos - Crucify - 23MAL

4. "Barf out! Gag me with a spoon!"
Frank Zappa - Valley Girl - plattopus

5. "I am a Viking
I'm going out to war"

Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - I Am a Viking - SmellyStuff

6. "Baby, baby, ain't it true
I'm immortal when I'm with you"

PJ Harvey - Big Exit - TheSecondComing

7. "The Beatles - just a band
Led Zeppelin - just a band"

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill - plattopus

8. "I'll have another chocolate milk"
Kate Miller-Heidke - Bored With Me - JamesJupiter
9. "Sitting on the couch eating Pringles feeling sorry for myself"
Kate Miller-Heidke - Australian Idol - JamesJupiter
10. "Eating crap in the nude"
Kate Miller-Heidke - Mama - 23MAL
All by one artist. See a running theme?

11. "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine"
Patti Smith - Gloria - 23MAL

12. "Summer in the city means cleavage cleavage cleavage"
Regina Spektor - Summer in the City - plattopus

13. "Now scientists call this disease Brohmadrosis"
Frank Zappa - Stink-Foot - sim_maiden

14. "I met a Mexican named Juan
'There's a party on the hill would you like to come?'"

The Cat Empire - Days Like These - colourofsleep

15. "I only speak in palindromic haikus
Madam, I Glenelg, I'm Adam"

The Bedroom Philosopher - I'm So Postmodern - plattopus

16. "Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me"

Public Enemy - Fight the Power - TheSecondComing

17. "Sparks ignite I'm training for thought"
Silverchair - Straight Lines - 23MAL

18. "My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof"
Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over - 23MAL

19. "Look at the shell that is you
Empty, brittle, weak"

Dark Tranquillity - Lost to Apathy - SmellyStuff

20. "Tanking mobs is my role
I maintain aggro
But the rogue doesn't know
He's not MT tonight" - World of Warcraft is a Feeling - Malvery

21. "I am an M-I-L-F
Don't you forget"

Tori Amos - Big Wheel - JamesJupiter

22. "Get your ass, get your ass TO MARS"
ArnoCorps - Total Recall

23. "Your sweat is salty"
Björk - Oceania - JamesJupiter

24. "3.14159
26535897932..." etc.

Kate Bush - π - JamesJupiter

25. "To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause"

Billy Crawford - Pokemon Theme!!!! - plattopus

26. "Mountains came out of the sky
And they stood there"

Yes - Roundabout

27. "All we're asking you to do
Is drop trou
And squeeze out a Cleveland Steamer on my chest"

Tenacious D - Rock Your Socks - Malvery

28. "Machiiiine Gunn"
*instrumental bit*
*30 seconds later, glass shatters, head explodes, cue quad-guitar solo*

Nitro - Machine Gunn Eddie
Feel free to Google that one if you can.

29. "Welcome here
The squirrel wheel begins
Fasten your left hand belts"

In Flames - Episode 666

30. "I've got someone on the left of my left side"
Little Birdy - Come On Come On - colourofsleep

31. "Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed
'Cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed"

Meat Loaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Light - colourofsleep

32. "I pushed a button and elected him to office and a
He pushed a button and it dropped a bomb"

Nine Inch Nails - Capital G - TheSecondComing

33. "Stretch it like it's a birth squeeze"
Muse - New Born - without_words

34. "I'm afraid, so afraid
Of being raped again and again"

Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum - jin77
What the hell does that actually have to do with anything?

Slipknot - People = Shit - plattopus

36. "Raped his women, smoked his bone
Leave a booger underneath his throne"

Strapping Young Lad - Far Beyond Metal - jin777

37. "What's up dude? Long time no see... although I see everything"
Devin Townsend - Omnidimensional Creator - plattopus

38. "Now I'm naked
Nothing but an animal"

The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings - plattopus

39. "The only question I ever thought was hard
Was do I like Kirk? Or do I like Picard?"

"Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy - 23MAL

40. And finally, Tipper Gore's personal favourite:
"I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine"

Prince - Darling Nikki - Malvery

Good luck.

plattopus - 8
23MAL - 7
JamesJupiter - 5
TheSecondComing - 4
colourofsleep - 3
SmellyStuff - 2
jin777 - 2
sim_maiden - 1

Since no one really knows of ArnoCorps or Nitro (both hilarious bands), and Episode 666 doesn't really make sense, I officially crown plattopus the long-overdue winner.
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  • sim_maiden

    13. Frank Zappa - Stinkfoot 37. Devin Townsend - SOMETHING OFF ZILTOID The rest I have like no idea.

    23 Sep 2007, 7:33
  • SmellyStuff

    5. Yngwie Malmsteen - I Am a Viking 19. Dark Tranquillity - Lost to Apathy

    23 Sep 2007, 8:50
  • plattopus

    4. Frank Zappa - Valley Girl? 12. Regina Spektor - Summer In The City Is #15 TISM? #25... I'm hoping you did not just post a Pokemon theme song. 35. Slipknot = People = Shit? I don't listen to early Slipknot, so I'm just guessing. 37. Devin Townsend - Omnidimentional Creator 38. Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

    23 Sep 2007, 16:49
  • plattopus

    AH! #15 is The Post-Modern Song, but I have absolutely no idea who released it. All I remember is that it repeated the line I'm so post-modern... blah blah blah. I'm so post-modern I wrote a letter to council... I think it was 'M'.

    23 Sep 2007, 16:55
  • Richaod

    I'm so post-modern... I'll pay that. You should all know number 33, or at least the song it's from.

    24 Sep 2007, 1:17
  • plattopus

    The Bedroom Philosopher... never would have got that. And please, do not credit the Pokemon one to me. :P

    24 Sep 2007, 3:39
  • Richaod

    Don't worry, it's less embarrassing than me actually putting it on there. Or listening to the song from the first movie soundtrack, which I own. :P It was a present!

    24 Sep 2007, 3:58
  • 23MAL

    2. Parklife - Blur 3. Crucify - Tori Amos 10. Mama - Kate Miller-Heidke 11. Gloria - Patti Smith 17. Straight Lines - Silverchair 18. Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House 39. White & Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic That's all I can come up with...

    24 Sep 2007, 9:12
  • Richaod

    Nice, all of those are right. And it's currently a tie!

    24 Sep 2007, 12:18
  • plattopus

    Argh fuck I should have got the Crowded House. I'm completely done with the rest... although is the Tipper Gore one a Twisted Sister song?

    24 Sep 2007, 16:58
  • TheSecondComing

    1. Wilcannia Mob... I'm not sure if this line is from the samples on M.I.A.'s Mango Pickle or their original song a couple of years back. Suuuuurely you have to give this one to me though! 6. PJ Harvey - Big Exit 16. Public Enemy - Fight the Power 32. Nine Inch Nails - Capital G ;)

    25 Sep 2007, 0:31
  • Richaod

    Good stuff Matt, the Wilcannia Mob one is on both. The Tipper Gore one isn't Twisted Sister - they were involved in the whole PMRC debate at the White House, but they didn't spark it, no.

    25 Sep 2007, 2:30
  • plattopus

    7. Thou Shalt Always Kill I don't know the band, but someone posted the video on a forum earlier today and I recognised the lyrics from this post.

    25 Sep 2007, 13:55
  • Richaod

    I had to look up the artist for it too. Pretty interesting stuff.

    27 Sep 2007, 12:19
  • JamesJupiter

    8. Kate Miller-Heidke- Bored With me 9. Kate Miller-Heidke- Australian Idol 21. Tori Amos- Big Wheel 23. Björk- Oceania

    3 Oct 2007, 12:51
  • Richaod

    Okay, here are some clues... One of the singers in 14 went to my school. 20 is clearly about World of Warcraft. 22 is from an Arnie movie. 24 is yet another female singer-songwriter. 26 - classic prog rock 27 contains Bach's Bouree in E minor. 28's vocalist was on Mythbusters and has a six-octave vocal range. Dunno if that helps. :P 29 and 33 are from very familiar songs...

    3 Oct 2007, 13:16
  • JamesJupiter

    I just realised! 24. Kate Bush- Pi :)

    3 Oct 2007, 21:55
  • Richaod

    I was surprised you didn't get that one straight away. :P

    4 Oct 2007, 1:56
  • colourofsleep

    14. The Cat Empire - ahhh SHIT! Friggin... Days Like These, god I can't believe I almost couldn't remember that. 30 - Little Birdy - C'mon C'mon... or is it Come On Come On? I know there's a few songs out there called C'mon C'mon and Come On Come On, I just never remember which applies to which band. I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be aren't I? 31. Meatloaf - Paradise By the Dashboard Light. (Thank you to my uncle that seems to have that CD going EVERY time I go to his house.) PS: Sorry to be anal, but that line in Lost to Apathy, I'm quite sure anyway, is Empty, fragile, weak, not Empty, brittle, weak. Same thing I know, but as a used-to-be huge DT fan I had to step in there :) PPS: I KNOW 40! I do! But it's just... not there!

    20 Oct 2007, 13:08
  • colourofsleep

    PPPS Check out miiiiine

    21 Oct 2007, 6:59
  • Richaod

    Empty, fragile, weak? Maybe he changes it around or something. Good effort.

    21 Oct 2007, 11:58
  • without_words

    33. Muse - New Born Great song.

    6 Nov 2007, 1:04
  • plattopus

    Champioooooon! *basks*

    11 Dic 2007, 7:54
  • AxemRangers

    Yo imagine, imagine the shit Drunk as hell and shit And you going into a fuckin bar and shit You stumbling over bitches and everything Falling over everywhere, throwing up and shit Yeahhayyyeahhahhh C'mon c'mon Ahhahahiahhhhhhh I want ALL y'all people to feel what I feel See my momma taught me this SHEEEIIIT And my daddy learned from my momma Which is good! Which is goodahhhhhhhhh Sweet sugar pie, oh I wish you were mine Lookin so good, like you know you should, yeah And I-ayyeah, love you down, down baby Oh my girlie, sweet my honey You look so good to me Love you down, all night long Yeahhheahhhahhhh Yeah, all night long Yeahhahhhhhh, all night long girl Sugar pie Sweet oh-my-oh-my there's no lie I love you girl, love you girl Love you sweet pie Yeaheahhhahhhhh Do you love me? Do you love me like this? (Do you love this girl) I know you love me. I love you TOO!! Ahhahhahhhah (I'll let you know) I'm serious I need to know that I needs you to let me really know that I said I'm serious, very, very serious Aight, let's go Yeahhhh, all night long Yeahhaeahhahhhh Ahhhhhhhahahyeahh It's other groups that's better than me like the Temptations And you other, groups From the Motown, Philadelphia, Atlanta (this is dedicated to you) And you others, better than me Mrs. Jones, don't feel disgraced baby Because I love your soul your got it together type thing Diana Ross (see I don't say these things for myself) Michael JAZZY-Jackson (please understand or something) NO! I'm the baddest, hip-hop man, across the world! I don't care, what you care, I just give, what you receive!

    24 Ene 2008, 11:56
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