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    28 Ene 2008, 15:43

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    The Apostasy
    Come Clarity
    Paint The Sky With Stars

    Having a vast collection of DVDs & CDs, the only problem is one day CDs wil (and soon) be very old hat & such things as digital media storage devices with albums preloaded in them will take over instead. and rebuying everything will be annoying!

    The Apostasy
    Anywho, BEHEMOTH you guys amazed me back in december, fucking immsence show guys & your album lives upto your standards! "Be with out Fear" is by far my favourite with intence gang vocals and not a moments rest from pure brutality! anther huge hit on the album would be "Slaying the prophets ov Isa"
    and tho music is the most important element, well it's really the only element, it's a nice bonus that it comes with that beauitful CD booklet, lush pic, lyrics incase you can't make out a word or know the spelling & with abit of side info. I would personaly rate the album 8/10 it's well worth buying, but only if you love metal at it's heaviest!

    Come Clarity
    In Flames, my favourite band, one of the first metal bands I got into back in 1999, and yes to the fan you will guess I heard either "Clayman" or "Pinball" map first, haha Indeed I heard "Bullet Ride, Pinball Map & Clayman" and it's such incrediable music, on of the few bands that get the blood really pumping! (amoung others such as Moonsorrow, Sonata Arctica, Behemoth, old Opeth) but "Come Clarity" lets look at the positives, it has a catchy Duet, and some lovely melodic songs which Jesper always wanted to do "Reflect the Storm" (being my fave track on the album). but as for negitives, most of the album is commericalised (Nu-Metal) like "Take this life" which personaly upset me alot when I heard it, reminding me of "the quiet place" which i prayed would be a one off! this album has songs I do like, one I love, and quite a few I really hate, not at all In Flames best album, but they have a couple master-pieces on board to save them, so if you don't mind Nu-metal influences, Soft Melodic & Anders grand voice this album is a must get, but really if you love your music heavy, go on the net and just down load (leagaly for $2 a track) the song worth buying "Reflect the Storm, Come Clarity & Dead End"
    Sadly an honest rating of this album would is only 6.5/10 tho a couple of the songs judge seperately could hit 8-9/10

    Paint The Sky With Stars
    Very different music compared to what I mostly listened to but in every sense it's as great & some times even better than alot of the music I listen to! Enya is truely one of a kind, ofcause like any band/musician there are songs I don't like, but generaly speaking I love almost all of her work/songs (only other music band that i can say the same about would be In Flames). It was my good ol' faithful granny that got me into Enya back when I was a lil tike (back when all i drank was pineapple juice & loved stealing apples and eating them from her kitchen, i think she new it was me but never said anything..). They say your taste change with age, I know mine has, it's just got heavier as time went on, with an exception. Enya in some of her songs "caribbean blue, storms in africa" etc, she had to re-record her voice on the same note of 40times, to sound like a Choir, the only set back of this is that she is extremely limited into doing live shows, such a shame, I'd pay $200 ($120us)to see her live! the reason I've given a bit of my history of Enya is this is a "Best of" album, and I had already onced owned this album, but after loosing it, I new I had to repurchase it! With so many incrediable songs such as "Orinoco Flow, Caribbean Blue, China Roses, Storms in Africa, Boadicea" etc it makes it in the 1337 (elite) category of Albums! A simple piece of Trivia, Tho all fans & people in general that like her style of music, Orinoco Flow is nothing short of her most famous song & one of the very best, but it is argued that the song so many love on the old Qantas ads would be #1, if only people new who sang this song! In anycase if you need to buy some one of +50yrs a present its a safe bet, but there are always exceptions (myself included). I happily rate this album a 9.5/10 being one of the 5 best albums I've ever listened to! Great Work Enya!

    In Flames (the highly awaited new album, will it live up to the gothernburg sound they originaly created or have they finally gone commerical?)
    Sonata Arctica