Texas - Red Book


15 Nov 2005, 18:01

So the 8th studio album by Texas was released last week......and here are my thoughts on it!

1.036: Well just an intro! reminiscent of WoB...
2.Getaway: The comeback song! Shot into the top 10 earlier this year and dropped out like a stone. Not really anything new but enjoyable anyway.....my top played track of the year in fact...hmm
3.Can't Resist: The second single, awful choice! It;s a good song, something a little different you can spot Brian Higgins influence. However seeing as it only got played on Radio 2 it didn't really encourage their listeners to buy the album.
4.What About Us: Ooh now this is special. Was originally going to be the second single...shame it wasn't. Very 80's sounding and sort of melancoly sounding which fits really well with the lyrics.
5.Cry: WOW...guitars in the intro! This is track 5 and the first hint of proper instruments....shocking. Reminds me slightly of The Day Before I Went Away from The Hush at the beginning. It's all very pleasant, nice chorus and a bit of a grower. But far from their finest work
6.Sleep: featuring Paul Buchanon from Blue Nile. The first proper duet , discounting awful rappers, since Breathlesson White On Blonde. Yes the lyrics are slightly cheesy but it's a nice singalong tune. Will be the third single and the video will feature Peter Kay!
7.Get Down Tonight
Now this I like A LOT! The intro is fab.....and that chorus! Just WONDERFUL! Just try to keep still whilst this is playing! Apparently this went down really well when the played it live last summer! Why couldn't they have played it in Newcastle?!
8.Nevermind After the last track the album could only go downhill? NO! This song is absolute;y gorgeous! One of their finest ballads up there with So In Love With You(The Ricks Road version of course!) and Put Your Arms Around Me
9.Bad Weather. So now the album goes downhill......pleasant enough song....but really doesn't go anywhere at all...
10.Masterthief: Another track that won't win any new fans. The bells at the beginning e.t.c slightly reminiscent of Summer Son. But I love it the "HEY YOU!" and the guitar near the end is wonderful!
11.Just Holding On: Written with Dallas Austin, this is a lovely little song sort of dreamy....hold on to what we havvvve!
12.Red Book: Now I must admit at this point I did hear the entire album a few weeks before it was released! Shocking I know. This song originally entitled "Dream" has improved a lot since they seemed to have made it more acosutic sounding. I love the acoustic guitar strumming at the beginning
and the slow build up in the song with drums kicking in later. like the previosu song it wouldn't sound completely out of place on The Hush. A really nice way to end the album and i do like how it refers to the Red Book which Sharleen wrote all the lyrics in...hence the album title.

Overall a pretty solid album, the only real low point being "Bad Weather" which I would have replaced with
Like An Angel, a Bside from "Getaway" which is just gorgeous. A slight criticism is that sometimes the album can be a little overproduced and a little too polished. The earlier albums had a rawer feel which I think would benefit this album and if you see them perform live it confirms this....


  • smileyjo

    I have listened a few times now and found it wholly enjoyable - not sure it is as good as White on Blonde though. Maybe it's a grower... Some excellent tracks though - My fave is What about us (- yes they should release as a single!). Get down tonight is good too - it's a totally different sound to stuff I have heard from them before and works well. Of course can't resist is great too. Sleep is quite cheesey but likeable and with Peter Kay in the vid where can they go wrong??!! It would be nice if you could hear a bit more guitar throughout though and not just synths...

    5 Dic 2005, 12:25
  • PGCMc

    31 Oct 2006, 13:59
  • PGCMc

    Cos I'm NOT WELL but I'll LIVE :Oi: Anyway nice review sham you didn't put the same EFFORT into your SNOOZEFEST Mariah reviews :evil:

    31 Oct 2006, 14:04
  • spicyapple

    I discovered Texas by accident, actually from their involvement in The Wedding Date soundtrack. Red Book was my first exposure to this group and the smooth vocals of Sharleen. All the songs were catchy on first listen, so unlike other albums where you need to listen 5-6 times for it to grow on you, Red Book was an immediate addiction. It was my most played album in 2005. All the songs in Red Book are good, no fillers. My favourites are What About Us, Cry, Sleep, Getaway and Masterthief.

    9 Mar 2007, 15:26
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