Best albums of 2006


23 Ene 2007, 19:43

1. The Eraser

Solo album from Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. This one has made me more curious about electronic music and is in my opinion the best album of 2006.

Best track: Harrowdown Hill

2. Everything All the Time

Probably the indiehype of 2006 here in Norway, but as long as they live up to it I don't care. "The Funeral" is probably this years best song.

Best track: The Funeral

3. Black Hole/Black Canvas

My all time favourite norwegian band goes back to their roots with this one. Almost as good as "Timothy's Monster" and "Blissard".

Best track: Kill Devil Hills

4. Return To Cookie Mountain

TV on the Radio creates a cool sonic landscape with their almost a cappella style vocals and way of playing their drums. Add a little electronics and you're top four on my list.
Best track: Wolf Like Me

5. 120 Days

First album from Norways best new act. They mix electronics and guitar and are inspired by artists like Neu! and New Order. One can't dislike that drum-machine.

Best track: Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone

6. Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain

I had my first encounter with Sparklehorse this year. The way this album is produced is awesome, and the melodies remind me of summer although the lyrics deal with darker things.

Brest track: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

7. First Impressions of Earth

I really loved Is This It? when it came out, but i saw Room on Fire as a disapointment. This one, though, makes me smile again, and that's wjhat matters, isn't it?

Best track: Ask Me Anything

8. We Are Not The Infadels

Anther act that mixes electronics and guitars. This one steals from everything from New Order to The Specials

Best track: Girl That Speaks No Words

9. Love

I love The Beatles and i like the way George Martin has mixed this one together. Some of the songs sounds all new and a lot better than before.

Best track: Octupus' Garden

10. You in Reverse

It's a shame that i haven't heard of these guys before, but luckily i came across their newest album. It has lead me to discover their other great albums like "perfect from now on".

Best track: Goin' Against Your Mind


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