vaguely irritating vocals 80s new wave sound 90s-sounding shoegaze a bit over the top alternative rock alternative- to killing yourself amazing climax annoying sounds awesome awesome bass guitar awesome guitar solo awesomely noisy badass victorians best band to ever come out of perth bono is the devil and he is just like you boring as shit dawg brand new in a jar oh my yum yum c-c-c-c-c-controversial catchy as chilled chillwave clark-esque clubbin on dowwwn m8 cool bass guitar cool guitar crazy guitar sounds crazy indian shit danceable dat bass dat beat dirty distorted rock distorted rock dude what the fuck electronic excellent percussion fucking triangles fucking weirdos fuzzed guitar good ol post-rock good stuff yo i love marrrrta if this song were a girl i would fuck her or at least touch her tits instrumental jazz keeps getting stuck in my head kinda cool but lame also kinda electronic kinda trancy but in a good way lead singer sounds funny when talking lesser known yet shoutable artists lol acapella lol scary loosely-organised hybrid gang lovely lovely violin mad synths dawg makes me sad my heart is going to burst niche tag nostalgia not chillwave not placebo or kol or qotsa oh man that guitar oh my i do enjoy this yes indeed oh the betrayal perth piercing violin post-breakfast lunchcore post-rock psychedelic punk rappity rip rap dawg rather unsettling reminds me of plants vs zombies sexy shoegaze sometimes sounds like engine revving sounds like enya sounds like health sounds like my bloody valentine sounds like qotsa sounds like someone gargling flies sounds like the sleepy jackson but better surf shoegaze that fucking noise god damn the greatest rapper who ever lived the only indie-sounding song in an electro album the power of christ compels you titles that should be capitalised too risky to download trip-hop ugh catchy as fuck ugh catchy as fuck violin where the fuck are my hard boiled eggs why does this feel so appealing i am overwhelmed why hast thou forsaken me witch house women are incapable of enjoying this you will love each other