MAD3 at Dirty Water Club London - We want MAD!


14 Abr 2007, 15:57

This is how I finally knew that the event system works, when it recommended me seeing MAD3 at Dirty Water Club. I tried to catch them on all my trips to Tokyo always missed them by weeks or days. So I was quite excited to finally get to see them live!!

I was with Mischa and Rupert and our girlfriends and wives, ready for the perfect gig.

Let's cut to the chase: I saw Eddie Legend hanging round in the corner during the support, already in his leather studded get-up. I couldn't believe my luck, and my adrenaline level started to rise ...

when the DJ wound down and put on their intro The Ride Of The Valkyries "from" their 10" Napalm In The Morning I was too excited to hold my mobile cam still, this is the sh!t.

Seems like they do the same routine all the time, here is a video from a Tokyo gig, intro and all.

Anyway, this was the loudest piece of gig I have been to in my life, I ended up standing right in front of Eddie speakers. My ears were beeping for 3 days, ouch.

shot 2 mobile pictures and 2 mobile videos for the athmosphere ... (more pics in Rupert's journal).

Setting up (dig that frock)

In full swing

Playing Caravan I think

They did this long solo section where everybody could show off their skills. The drummer ended up banging the bass.

One of my best gigs ever, poor ears. check out their new album Lost Tokyo


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