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    8 Ene 2009, 11:18

    If you're on twitter then add me at @Rhys_isterix . I now need to check whether i can use an api to update my twitter using I can already do it through but haven't checked this. I havea feeling i can.
  • dollop

    13 May 2008, 9:30


    Word up people,

    An exciting week this week for dollop in London.

    After hosting a room in Notts on sunday with Diplo, Annie Mac + Boy 8-Bit- (@ Detonate's Indoor Fest) we're ready to smash out 2 treats for you this week in Ldn.

    First off on TUESDAY 13TH may, we're reppin things up again @ UAL- this time @ Camberwell College Of Art. We've got a stunnin list of bands / djs for this event, chance to win American Apparel clothes, Live Art + Visuals during the event

    Basically -

    you can come to this event if you have ANY VALID NUS ID.

    any UAL student can also SIGN IN ALL NON-STUDENTS

    if you want to come in and have no student ID - give me a call

    Get involved with the event here:

    NEXT UP, we run dollop @ the old blue last- this FRIDAY 16TH may.

    We have been ramming OBL out every month this year- so be sure not to miss this one.

    2 live acts playing are mc KASE, and Metske (SKWEE SHOWCASE)

    We've got the amazin dj Spam Chop comin down from Notts- playin dubstep / electro, as well as more local talent from My Panda Shall Fly djs, Firaz, Arne Blackman, TIMMY & Foe

    See you all there, and get on the group here:

    dollop x

    9 May 2008, 11:29

    We Bench Records is my little record label that i recently set up which is completely unique in every way imaginable. promise. Well, obviously it's hard for a label to be different as essentially they're all serving the same purpose but... this one should be a little bit different.

    Check back here for more details. In the meantime if you want to submit a demo then email me at