First Heard/Fell in Love/Current Favorite


5 Jul 2008, 1:03

I stole this from one of my friends. :D

1. Bloc Party

First Heard: I Still Remember
Fell in Love: I Still Remember
Current Fav: Always New Depths

2. Radiohead

First Heard: Optimistic
Fell in Love: 15 Steps
Current Fav: Killer Cars

3. Death Cab for Cutie

First Heard: The Sound of Settling
Fell in Love: Soul Meets Body
Current Fav: A Movie Script Ending

4. Interpol

First Heard: Slow Hands
Fell in Love: The Heinrich Manuever
Current Fav: C'mere

5. Editors

First Heard: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
Fell in Love: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
Current Fav: Blood

6. Cut Copy

First Heard: Lights and Music
Fell in Love: Lights and Music
Current Fav: Saturdays

7. Kate Nash

First Heard: Foundations
Fell in Love: Mouthwash
Current Fav: Mouthwash

8. Foals

First Heard: Hummer
Fell in Love: Cassius
Current Fav: Red Socks Pugie

9. Pinback

First Heard: Penelope
Fell in Love: Crutch
Current Fav: Soaked

10. Patrick Wolf

First Heard: The Magic Position
Fell in Love: The Magic Position
Current Fav: Paris


  • R3111981


    5 Jul 2008, 23:50
  • goodgravy1

    boom shaka lacka

    16 Jul 2008, 3:57
  • davidmsy

    I like big butts and I cannot lie.

    16 Jul 2008, 21:03
  • goodgravy1


    17 Jul 2008, 0:00
  • R3111981

    Thanks guys. Thanks a lot. :P

    17 Jul 2008, 0:19
  • davidmsy

    You're welcome.

    17 Jul 2008, 12:10
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