• 1000!!!!!

    27 Abr 2010, 23:57

    I just calculated totally by chance that I've had this account for exactly 1000 days. rock on!!!!
  • my music playlist for the past three weeks

    8 Mar 2009, 16:41

    has primarily consisted of the slumdog millionaire soundtrack. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING
  • sweet

    18 Sep 2008, 1:30

    I'm rediscovering how good the shins are! yay!
  • my last fm widget did not work for 8 months

    16 Jun 2008, 22:25

    I am trying to fix the distribution of my musical interests?! okay. it's a bit skewed right now, as in a lot of the stuff I love didn't get logged on here. and it only records what I listen to on my computer anyway, because my iPod isn't synched. I'll fix that sometime this summer hopefully . . haha, ummm yeah! so that's that. I have a broader musical taste than what is reflected on here, I guess. alllright!
  • Old Music Sticky Note

    3 Ago 2007, 19:32

    I've been using the Apple application Sticky Notes to keep track of random artists I find on people's myspaces that I might like for the past year and a half . . and if any of these are particularly good or particularly bad I would LOVE suggestions of what to get rid of/look up right away. Plz + kthxbai.

    [note that most of these probably suck . . I haven't looked at this in a really long time . . ]

    artists to check out:

    jump little children
    vertical horizon
    aimee mann ?
    john vanderslice
    sloan [false alarm song]
    more helen stellar plz!!
    interpol plz
    andrew w.k.?
    revisit . . a LOT of stuff
    revisit jack's mannequin
    revisit architecture in helsinki
    Manheim Steamroller
    silversun pickups
    erasure [?]
    a cursive memory
    ben taylor
    steel train
    summer starlight
    you in series
    coretta scott
    the clarity process
    making april
    sweet p and the k train
    mark timothy
    the string cheese incident
    oh no! oh my!
    the morning light
    rilo kiley
    never heard of it
    josh pike
    ronnie day
    1 butch walker
    2 the secret machines
    3 the pink spiders
    4 mayday parade
    5 meg&dia
    6 waiting for amiee
    7 deq
    8 flee the seen
    9 calico system
    10 chiodos
    11 mest
    13 number one fan
    14 number one gun
    15 the pale pacific
    18 the profits
    19 dirty vegas
    20 sarina paris
    21 the village green
    22 islands
    23 the mountain goats
    24 bad company
    25 flogging molly
    26 midtown
    27 five iron frenzy
    28 the get up kids
    29 phantom planet
    30 freezepop
    31 piebald
    32 the mars volta
    33 presidents of the united state of america
    34 billie redfield
    35 squarepusher
    36 empire falls
    38 boysnightout
    39 something to do
    40 the toasters
    41 catch 22
    42 streetlight manifesto
    44 the matches

    1. finalround
    2. straylight run
    3. 10 Years
    4. the weakerthans
    5. semisonic
    6. gym class heroes
    7. merge
    8. cassino
    9. alien ant farm
    10. look at kc's myspace, ahahahha
    11. the panic channel
    12. rocco du luca + the burden
    13. corinne bailey rae

    - I can make a mess like nobody's business
    - Mae - where the falls begin
    - the format
    - broken social scene
    - belle and sebastian
    - hit the lights
    - new found glory
    - walking ashland
    - hard-fi
    - ted leo + the pharmacists