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30 Nov 2010, 23:09

On Forums here, I was talking about on-line digital downloads stores like Amazon, iTunes, etc. LFM could have their own instead of just being a 'click on the link' thing.

As for royalties, if we are talking about Big labels, it's always been like $0-2 max for a CD worth $20.

Don't forget, stores generally do not deal with musicians directly, there are labels or 'aggregators' first, everyone wants their share, + legal things, + they cheat on a regular basis (any news here?), + promo (who's gonna click on you otherwise?), so in reality one can easily run into negative figures which they surely do!

For those in doubt, read 'New Label Strategies' closely

'But the label also offers the artist a 30 percent cut of the label’s album profits — if any — which represents an improvement from the typical industry royalty of 15 percent.'

OK, here is what I've found after a brief research, scroll down for % graphs

for romantics

a bit more math

read me first


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