The Eight Most Important Tracks in 2006


31 Dic 2006, 16:58

Hello. I'm in a bit of a rush, 'cos I'm off out to a New Year do in a bit, so here's a cobbled-together list of the most important music that was on heavy rotation on my stereo and brain this last year.

Not all of these tracks were released in 2006, but that's not the point. All of them were introduced to me in 2006, which is far more important, I think.

Nelly discovered the big red button on her mixing desk marked "sexotronic" and pressed it! Or rather, Timberland pressed it for her. The whole world agrees that this is the most important song ever made and world peace ensues.
Most important bit: The 'ah-ah ah-ah ah-AH-ah' bit in the middle.

Sexy Back
Meanwhile Justin pressed the button that said "no-chorus-for-me-thanks". Or rather, Timberland etc etc. Justin did his bit for world peace by making everyone agree that they want to touch his bottom.
Most important bit: "Dirty babe...."

Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix)
I don't think it could be called a truly great Pet Shop Boys song, but that's okay. It's got the great S/A/W-style handclaps so it automatically becomes a bit brilliant. And it's always nice to hear a disco song about suicide bombers, I think.
Most important bit: Those handclaps, the whole introduction.

Like A Pen (Extended Club Mix)
The album version is good, but the extended mix is fantastic for added processed-vocal lunacy. It's weirdly sexy and spooky stuff.
Most important bit: "Sharpen my body like a, 'pen my body like a, 'pen my body like a wooooaaaaggghhH!"

The Art Teacher
Ok, not from this year, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER, okay? Good. This song is a bit sad and even the opening piano makes me want to blub a bit. Then I'm smiling by the time we get to "uniformish pant-suit sort of thing", but it's still not a laugh-fest. It is wonderful.
Most important bit: The intro and the horn in the middle.

Dog On Wheels
A really old, lovely, wistful track about longing and feeling a bit tired. Well, this is Belle and Sebastian after all. This song got lodged in my brain and stayed there for a long time this year.
Most important bit: The first verse.

You're the Reason I'm Leaving
After thinking that I had got a bit sick of the FF, I did a bit of a u-turn when I discovered that their second album was quite good actually. This song was on almost constant rotation when I left the town I had spent far too long living in this autumn.
Most important bit: Snarling the chorus.

The Stars Of Track And Field (Disco Glasgow version)
The most unbelievable and surprising musical moment of 2006. And the B-side is pretty marvelous too. This track made the move to a scary new city a hell of a lot more bearable. Highly recommended.
Most important bit: The Timpani, and the wonky synth solo.


  • Orange_Anubis

    Well, really!! I was reading this list and thinking 'ooh terrific' at every song, and working out what witty things I was going to say, mostly based around the lack of objectivity in proclaiming these tracks the MOST IMPORTANT. Then I got to the end and made a bit of a girly noise, had a little dance, and thought, yes, subjectivity be damned! Thanks! :-D Bertie x PS Obviously the list is in reverse order PPS You were a bit late with Dog On Wheels weren't you? ;-)

    31 Dic 2006, 18:08
  • PudsWoods

    Glad you approve, Bert ;-) And yeah, I suppose Dog on Wheels is getting a bit long in the canines (very nearly 10 years old), but I only got a copy of Push Barman to Open Old Wounds this summer, and I absolutely loved that track. Looking forward to hearing from the other seven pop stars on the list soon...

    1 Ene 2007, 21:51
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