• Joe_Towse

    I was massively disappointed by Pulling Teeth - it just didn't have the raw bile of 'Martyr Immortal'. Also, I've only been around since 1994 - and 'around' since 2006, and I know why Autopsy's a big fucking deal! Have you heard Mental Funeral!? :P

    15 Nov 2011, 8:43
  • Pseudomancer

    I have, I have. :) I was stoned when I wrote this, thus the silliness here and there.

    15 Nov 2011, 13:02
  • HeySharpshooter

    Interesting list. I need to check out Cannibe

    24 Nov 2011, 15:49
  • chaostorms

    Probably pretty late on this note, but Sleepers In The Rift by Morbus Chron is one of the best death metal albums ever released.

    28 Oct 2012, 17:34
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