Lil' Wayne in Amsterdam


8 Oct 2009, 10:01

Tue 6 Oct – Lil' Wayne: While listening to Hip-Hop for quiet a while, this was my first English concert. (and my first English review, so if you hate simple or just painfully wrong English, stop here!) After travelling across the Netherlands, we were on time, even early. And after dropping of our Jackets at the free wardrobe, the evening started with nothing, it was still an halve hour till the pre-show with Darryl and Sjaak would start. (our fault, yeah I know, we were early) While we were comfortably in our seats we went to the front when the first artist started. Not that I like the music they make, it was more that we felt awkward sitting still at a concert. Then there fell a silence for an halve hour and Kempi came on stage. While he did his thing I thought that the audience didn't came loose.

And after another 20 minutes of nothing happening Weezy came on. While it was a good show, for what I heard it was better than last year's, I like to nag about some things. Like the weak performances of Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda and an Jae Millz, who was the worst of all. And as an interactive designer I would like tho nag about those cheap animation. Other than that, Birdman killed the place with I Run This & Always Strapped and Weezy chose some good songs (like A Milli) to keep the audience alive, so it was worth the money. After saying that, I wouldn't say I pay for Weezy next year, but I like to visit those Hip-Hop shows more often. There are enough artists I would like to see once live, so if Weezy will perform next to per example a Drake, we'll see each other again.

And at last, I would like to thank the National Train system for their evening-night trains. At first I thought we had to run after the show, but we even could have our after-party time. So instead of complaining a BIG thanks to our National Train system, the NS.



  • JayRauly336

    what dose it mean when u say smoke my cigar in anmsterdame when ure in wisconsin hit me up on that wezzy

    19 Feb 2011, 1:22
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