• Playlist for eating ice cream in front of a computer screen half past three in the…

    28 May 2008, 1:28

    More Than This
    Nobody Home
    Comfortably Numb

    It's really good, you should try it.

    26 May 2008, 21:55

    The rules are below. Underlined songs have been found.

    Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
    Step 2: Post the first stanza from the first 40 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
    Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    Step 5: If you like the game, post your own.

    And here we go.

    1. So can you tell me how you feel inside
    The beat of that child
    Or is it more dead than alive
    fashioned in a sinful style?

    2. My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
    That'll stab you in the head
    whether you're a fag or lez
    Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest

    3. Sweep concentration camps with blood hounds
    Night lamps lurking in the cold and damp fox hole 1969
    Vietnam never seen the dead calm type mode
    From sun down till crack of dawn
    dancing in the napalm, mamma's first born train to kill the calm

    4. I'm the doctor, I'm the patient
    Don't forget that, it's important
    if you love me, like I love me
    Everybody will be sorry

    5. I'm sitting in here, in the boring room
    it's just another race in the afternoon
    I'm wasting my time, I've got nothing to do
    I'm hangin' around, I'm waitin' for you
    but nothing ever happens
    and I wonder

    6. Tryck på en knapp med en åsna
    tryck på en knapp med en sol
    tryck på en knapp med en åsna
    nehej då

    7. Si señor
    efectos especiales
    yeah yeah yeah
    si señor
    una tentacion
    yeah yeah yeah

    8. Far away, this ship has taken me far away
    far away from the memories
    of the people who care if I live or die

    9. Flying over darkened skies, the battle will call
    Destiny is calling we'll be out of the storm
    And the world falls under the starlight
    Shining from heavens above

    10. I never would've dreamed in a million years I'd see
    so many motherfucking people who feel like me
    Who share the same views
    and the same exact beliefs
    It's like a motherfucking army marching in back of me

    11. I wanna be forgotten
    and I don't wanna be reminded
    You said "please don't make this harder"
    no I won't yet

    12. Billy Ray was a preacher's son
    and when his daddy would visit he'd come along
    when they gathered round and started talking
    that's when Billy would take me walking
    Out through the backyard we'd go walking
    then he'd look into my eyes
    lord knows, to my surprise

    13. Lie, lie lie lie liar
    you lie, lie lie lie lie
    tell me why d'you have to lie
    should've realized that you
    should've told the truth
    should've realized you know what I'll do

    14. Confide in me
    sustain all my empathy
    you're such a mess
    you can learn to confess

    15. Fish that don't drown
    Life in a bubble jungle
    I wouldn't frown
    not short another chuckle

    I'll make more later
  • I want

    5 May 2008, 18:58

    Post your top 10 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    1. Pink Floyd
    - First Song: Hey You
    - Fell in Love With: Comfortably Numb
    - Current Favorite: Yet Another Movie

    2. System of a Down
    - First Song: Fuck the System
    - Fell in Love With: Chop Suey (I'm special!)
    - Current Favorite: P.L.U.C.K.

    3. Aphex Twin
    - First Song: Stone In Focus (oh those salad fingers cartoons!)
    - Fell in Love With: Windowlicker
    - Current Favorite: Avril 14th

    4. Muse
    - First Song: Endlessly (at least it's one of the first I remember hearing)
    - Fell in Love With: Knights of Cydonia
    - Current Favorite: Bliss

    5. The White Stripes
    - First Song: Seven Nation Army
    - Fell in Love With: The Denial Twist (again fuzzy memory)
    - Current Favorite: Blue Orchid

    6. Mindless Self Indulgence
    - First Song: Bitches (I had no idea it was MSI. It was the soundtrack to a home-made Pokémon/metal video I found on the interweb. It kicks ass )
    - Fell in Love With: Straight to Video
    - Current Favorite: Capitol P (although I can't pick a real favourite. If I put on one track I easily end up listening to their discography)

    7. 50 Hertz
    - First Song: Visbygubben (again thanks to the interwebs, or more precisely this epic)
    - Fell in Love With: Uppfostran åt helvete
    - Current Favorite: Leni Goes to College

    8. bob hund
    - First Song: Helgen v. 48
    - Fell in Love With: Istället för musik: förvirring
    - Current Favorite: Allt på ett kort

    9. The Raconteurs
    - First Song: Steady As She Goes
    - Fell in Love With: Steady As She Goes
    - Current Favorite: Many Shades of Black

    10. Guano Apes
    - First Song: Big in Japan
    - Fell in Love With: Open Your Eyes
    - Current Favorite: Kumba Yo!

    4 May 2008, 15:38