Albums I listened to from beginning to end (April 2012)


30 Abr 2012, 22:26

by The Who

Yukari Telepath
by Coaltar of the Deepers

Heroes To Zeros
by The Beta Band

Sky Drips Drifts
by White Rainbow

by White Rainbow

The Driver / Tipoff
by Xander Harris / Dylan Ettinger

Tago Mago
by Can

Bird Wood Cage
by The Wolfgang Press

Beauty and the Beat
by The Go-Go's

If Two Worlds Kiss
by Pink Turns Blue

Regõ Rejtem
by The Moon and the Nightspirit

From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
by Virginia Astley

Optimus Maximus
by Gatekeeper

Blue Sunshine
by The Glove

Silence & Wisdom / Silence and Wisdom
by Deux Filles

The Ghost of Cain
by New Model Army

Virtual State
by Richard H. Kirk

In This World
by Cindytalk

Galaxy Garden
by Lone

Designer Beatnik
by Dr Calculus

by John Talabot

by Graham Coxon

Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In the Past
by Severed Heads

by Roy Montgomery & Chris Heaphy

Foreign Body
by Mirrorring

by Primal Scream

Gentlemen Take Polaroids
by Japan

by Terje Rypdal

by Fela Kuti

Blame Someone Else
by Simon Raymonde

Replicas / Replicas
by Gary Numan + Tubeway Army

The Black Rain
by Anoice

Trust Now
by Prince Rama

15 Minute Exorcise + Utopia = No Person
by Prince Rama

Mother Rhythm Earth Memory
by Cuticle

Savaging Spires
by Savaging Spires

Lazer Guided Melodies
by Spiritualized

I Just Can't Stop It
by The Beat

King Of The Hill
by Cliff Martinez

by Lush

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
by Wilco

by Prince Rama Of Ayodhya

Autre Ne Veut
by Autre Ne Veut

Sweet Heart Sweet Light
by Spiritualized

by Meat Beat Manifesto

Dog Man Star
by Suede

Solid State Warrior & The Land Of Pure Imagination
by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

The Protecting Veil
by John Tavener

Hiding Place
by The Gasman

Fur and Gold
by Bat for Lashes

Everyday Grace
by White Car

by Michael Jackson

Like a Virgin
by Madonna

by Elmer Bernstein

Spilt Milk
by Jellyfish

A Different Ship
by Here We Go Magic

June 2009
by Toro y Moi

The Pink Opaque
by Cocteau Twins

by Cocteau Twins

Viva Hate
by Morrissey

Rory Gallagher
by Rory Gallagher

Tri Repetae
by Autechre

A Few Old Tunes
by Boards of Canada

by Sigur Rós

In No Sense? Nonsense!
by Art of Noise

by Tangerine Dream

by Jerry Goldsmith

Halber Mensch
by Einstürzende Neubauten

Pelican West
by Haircut 100

Little Earthquakes
by Tori Amos

My God is Blue
by Sébastien Tellier

by Maribel

The Monkees
by The Monkees

Life's Hard And Then You Die
by It's Immaterial

The Music Of John Barry
by John Barry

Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus), Symphony No. 2 (The Peak of the Sacred), Symphony No. 3 (Gloria), Symphony No. 5 (Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere), Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs At The Gates Of Heaven)
by Glenn Branca

by Moby

Mind Bokeh
by Bibio

Histoire de Melody Nelson
by Serge Gainsbourg

by Actress

by Actress

Misplaced Childhood
by Marillion

Goodbye Bread
by Ty Segall

Last Splash
by The Breeders

20 Golden Greats
by The Shadows

by Mastodon

Campfire Songs
by Animal Collective

Here Comes the Indian
by Animal Collective

by Lazerhawk

Phantom Tracks, Vol. 1
by Stephen Falken

Desperate Smile
by Billinski

Call & Response
by Memory Cassette

by Disasterpeace

by The Lucy Show

Undone ...undone
by The Lucy Show

by Mouse on Mars

Iaora Tahiti
by Mouse on Mars

And Don't the Kids Just Love It
by Television Personalities

Current Events
by Mitch Murder

burning chrome
by Mitch Murder

by The Asteroid #4

These Flowers of Ours
by The Asteroid #4

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
by Simple Minds

Field Drawings
by Ryan Teague

Incense & Black Light
by Rod Modell

Computer Day
by Smackos

UFO Onderzoek 1983
by Smackos

by The Comsat Angels

Lost Harmony
by Sennen

The Middle Way
by Keaver & Brause

Maggot Brain
by Funkadelic

Therapy, Ultramarine
by The Lines

Flood Bank
by The Lines

Music For Keyboards vol. I
by d'Eon

Music For Keyboards Vol. II
by d'Eon

by Squarepusher

by Lazer Sword

Clear Moon
by Mount Eerie

Factory Dance
by Various Artists

What Does Anything Mean? Basically
by The Chameleons


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