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  • Mic_28

    Thanks ^^

    15 Mar 11:56 Responder
  • martsusixx

    hey, sry for the late answer :/ yeah, internet friends are important! just too bad that they happen to live so far away ... i have met just a few but probably more in the future and hope to see everyone again! i hope some of them could come here too since i don't have money to go to meet everyone myself. hmhm yeah but u have so many concerts in germany that u always have the chance to see bands again if u miss them ^^ for me it's usually one time chance so have to grab on it even if it's expensive. so do u know if u see YMAS? i maybe will go to see them in sweden if my friend comes with me but will see. my life isn't complete till i hear them playing fireworks live so i'd rly wanna see them again!! :D any other concerts u're going? same here, still jobless so i think i have to be more picky about concerts now and save :/ haha yea, finland sucks since not many bands come here but well, will see atl in a few weeks in helsinki so yayay! :)) how are u?

    28 Ene 23:06 Responder
  • martsusixx

    hey, merry x-mas! ^-^

    24 Dic 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    yeah well, i spend too much time online so i have more online friends in other countries than actual real life friends here but yeah, it's great! especially when traveling, it's great to know someone who can keep u company and show u around etc. c: hm, i went to see wcar, mmf, the maine, crossfaith, lmtf, parkway drive, billy talent and don't know if i forgot some? also went to wcar & mmf signing sessions. yeah, went to see ymas when they played with 30stm, don't rly care for 30stm anymore tho so mainly for ymas. ^^ true, gotta get a job soon so i can go to concerts again... D: well luckily already got a ticket to bmth & ptv in helsinki and don't have to pay for traveling that much tho it's 5h away from here but still in finland for once... but for me it's hard to find a job. oh awesome! i rly like skillet too, never saw them live tho but i bet it was great! aww how nice that he remembered u, answered to ur tweet and all ^^ it's always cool when bands remember their fans...

    26 Nov 2013 Responder
  • Petie__Weedie

    Hi :D Check out my piano cover of ''Miles Away'' by Memphis May Fire (feat.Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmbpuNnslR4 If u like it go on and subscribe me ;)

    21 Nov 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Schade, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass sie toll war? :P Das ist schön! *-* Ich will auch unbedingt mal nach London. In welchen anderen Ländern warst du schonmal? Das freut mich doch auch mal, also dass es dir super geht, nicht, dass du wahrscheinlich krank wirst :D

    20 Nov 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    haha okay good... actually i just came back from belgium/the netherlands so feels like ages from the trip to germany before that... yeah, germany is still my fav country! (okay well finland is alway shome but germany is like another home to me in some way) but yea, was there... more in belgium tho, not so much in the netherlands. was there only for vans warped tour and a few hours in amsterdam, other time all over belgium since my friend lives there and he showed us his town and the country just in general... it was all awesome! <: haha yea, i used to travel but now it's over till i find a job and earn money cuz i'm poor now... anyways, how've u been? what've u been doing? have u gone to any concerts lately? c:

    18 Nov 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Kann ich mir vorstellen! :) Hast du dir gemerkt, wer die Elphaba gespielt hat? Kein Problem, wie wars denn sonst noch so in London? :p Mir gehts super, und wie gehts dir so? (:

    16 Nov 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    sorry for the late answer but like i said, i was in germany so... :D and nooo, it's rly okay so no need to feel rude at all! i didn't go to see TA/SiO in the end cuz i didn't have money so... but i don't rly listen to SiO that much and have seen TA before so it didn't bother me THAT much. i went to see SWS and well, BTF so i'm rly rly happy about those concerts and in overall, i had absolutely amazing time in germany. it's like my 2nd home. :') and well, i stayed in cologne for only one night and for concerts, otherwise i was staying at friends in the same state but not exactly in cologne. haha i feel u... life is boring. anyways, how are u? ^^

    11 Oct 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Schon, aber trotzdem ist es günstig dafür, dass man dann gute Plätze hat. :D Cool, guckt ihrs am West End? :p Argh, ich bin echt neidisch! :D Danke! :)

    4 Oct 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Ja das stimmt. Aber es gibt für bestimmte Musicals "Young Tickets", die kann man als Schüler/Student von 14 - 25 Jahren kaufen und kosten nur 35 Euro und dafür bekommt man die besten übrig gebliebenen Plätze, also wenn man Glück hat, kann man damit ziemlich weit nach vorne kommen :P Ich weiß, dass zumindest Tarzan, Hinterm Horizont und Rocky diese Young Tickets haben. :) Uuuuh, Wicked will ich auch unbedingt mal sehen!! <3 Wo schaust dus dir denn an? Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß!! :) Also Konzert war ganz klar Paramore, Musical ist echt schwierig, da eigentlich alles toll war :D Aber am besten hat mir Sister Act gefallen, weils auch so lustig ist. Aber Tarzan kommt gleich danach :3 Ich freu mich auf Dezember, da gehts für mich nach Hamburg zu Phantom der Oper *_*

    2 Oct 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Danke :P In welchen Musicals warst du denn schon? Kann ich verstehen :D Da hast du recht, Konzerte haben immer was besonderes. :)

    28 Sep 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    heyhey ^-^ no worries, it's okay... don't have to answer to those, we can make a new convo. well, i'm pretty fine, thanks. i'm leaving to germany on wednesday woooo! concerts *-* how are u? what have u been up to lately? (:

    23 Sep 2013 Responder
  • FallOutGirl007

    Hey, danke fürs Annehmen :D Dein Musikgeschmack ist auch klasse, und deine Seen-Live Liste ist auch sehr geil. Was war davon denn das beste Konzert? :)

    23 Sep 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    but at least they played mein leben which is my 2nd fav song by them. and songs für liam with cas!! oh yes, i just loved casper live! í wish i could go to see cas again on hinterland tour or even on next spring but probably not... are u going? are u excited for the new album? that was a nice one though and i think he played all the songs i wanted to hear so was rly happy! michael x live was just too sad... i thought he was gonna cry and it was close i didn't start crying too. xD and the crowd was going crazy all the time, yeah, and everything was just perfect. *-* how many times have u seen cas live btw? okay, that sucks... but money is always the problem. is there any concert(s) u are definitely going to then? ooh, are u going for a holiday there or? anyways, i hope u have a lots of fun there!! (: i got results and didn't get into study psychology... fuuuuu. -.- just got to study health care which was the plan B but idk, i think it's not my thing but will give it a try anyways.

    24 Jul 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    haha really? i've gone to moshpits etc. many times but have never stagedived yet... i wanna definitely do that sometime! i'm just afraid people would drop me. it just sounds like so much fun! yeah, concerts and music have the power anything, including cure sickness. yeah, i used to like BFMV quite much but don't rly listen to them anymore so then decided to see cro and it was so much fun dancing along to his music. i just laughed cuz my friend said cro looks scary with his mask haha and she wasn't rly into anything german anyways. i was going crazy to casper and she just stood there like "wtf is this shit, could this end already -.-" but well, the only band she came to see was papa roach. yea, like i said, don't rly listen to the killers either but still i enjoyed it so much cuz they rly put effort on their show which made them sooo good! it's so dumb & unbelievable KK didn't play kein liebeslied since they seem to always play that and i think it's one of their most popular songs.. :/

    24 Jul 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    yeah, just always being too lazy and procrastinating but it's all okay so no worries at all. ^^ so i heard, while in finland it has been colder like a winter in the middle of the summer. ofc i liked it there and it started to feel like home really. everyone's just teasing me how one day i go to germany for a concert or just for a holiday and then just won't come back anymore (cuz i fangirl over germany so much haha). :D well, in sb i met my friend and i've always wanted to visit münchen cuz it's different which i find interesting (idk how to explain this but maybe the culture is a bit different?? well, hope u understand) and just heard so much good things about it so finally did it and looooved it so much! oh awesome!! i envy u and really shouldn't give a damn about what others think, the most important thing u have fun so should just party as hard as possible! :p i always go crazy at concerts too... like usually i'm a shy and quiet but at concerts i just go let go of the control. :D

    24 Jul 2013 Responder
  • HearTbeaT139

    :D eig. nur so alle Band, die auf der Center waren, da ich Bühnenwechsel bei RaR echt kacke finde und generell die Center einfach am geilsten ist. Nein, hatte leider kein SIO Pulli an ;) Jup, Wetter war dieses Jahr mal wieder komisch -.-´ Wieso mega teuer, wo wohnst du denn? Okaaaay, London wär schon teuer :D aber wird bestimmt geil egal wo

    6 Jul 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    are u gonna visit all of those? o_o but could be that we'll see each other somewhere in the future. u are going to frankfurt date of the feel tour? I bought a m&g ticket for köln date since my friend got to persuaded me there with her. :D that's nice so u have vacation now? I'm pretty good too, thanks. had the 2nd part of entrance exams yesterday and now I'm a nervous wreck waiting for the results. xD and quite tired from work but otherwise all good. 3 shouts now, sorry... xD

    27 Jun 2013 Responder
  • martsusixx

    okay, friday was the same for me except I didn't rly watch BFMV since I've seen them before and don't rly like them anymore so watched cro instead and then 30STM but otherwise the same bands as u, I think. ^^ okay then it's understandable that u were A LITTLE BIT tired haha xD on saturday watched papa roach as well, biffy cluro, disco ensemble, hurts and a half of the killers (don't rly listen to them but oh god they were so awesome live!!) and on sunday watched all the same bands as u did. c: yes, the moshpit on KK was insane and they were so awesome but I'm still disappointed they didn't play kein liebeslied (I had learned the lyrics and all so I could sing along then but okay no then :/) and YES OMG CASPER WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!! *-* I think the best one on the whole festival since Cas was one of the rare ones I had never seen before so there were also that "first time excitement" for me. :D yeah, I can see u're gonna visit "some more" festivals by looking at ur events. xD

    27 Jun 2013 Responder
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