• 2500 Smashing Pumpkins' Listens

    10 Jun 2007, 3:17

    Get Excited people! My Smashing Pumpkins listens have hit a spot on 2500! Now that is love! *cuddles*. And in my top 10 there are five Pumpkins tracks. The really fantastic live version of Blank Page that features on the bootleg Sydney, Australia 19/06/98 (Secret Gig). Sitting at number two we have track Tonight Tonight and fifth we have Bullet With Buttlerfly Wings (most probably the deconstructed verson form the Secret Gig bootleg with come Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness in there too) and Thirty-Three. Seventh we have The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right). Perosnally I think that Aeroplane is the greatest song the Pumpkins ever made. The last two are both on the Thirty-Three single from the The Aeroplane Flies High box set *love*.

    What a crazy six months of listening. thank-you to all my new friends (and my old ones too) who've made my listening even better.

    embrace your pumpkins…
  • The holy trinity, live in concert!

    11 Feb 2007, 3:36

    Thu 8 Feb – Violent Femmes

    If every band you had ever loved got on stage one after another and even playing together, they could still not beat Violent Femmes. I saw them last night and they were fantastic. Greatest live band EVER! And I really mean ever. Only The Smashing Pumpkins final show would ever be any compedtition! They had everything, absolutely everything. They even had a guy playing a box. Now, you read correctly, a box. It was a nice looking wooden box that he sat on and played. He even had a box solo near the end of the night. Actually, during that song, all ten of the musicians on stage had a solo. that included everything from flute to basses to voilins to madolins to guitars to drums to a box to a xeolophone. and speaking of drums. The drum kit for the Violent Femmes consisted of a snare drum, a tom that was about the size of a large mid tom, and a large crash cymbal. Yep, that was it. And boy did he play it. Although, the advantage of that being that he (he was one of the three members of Violent Femmes) could stand right up at the front of the stage and go nuts. It really was a full on experiance. It started with a bang too. They started with my faviourite song, Confessions. And they went from the four guys on stage (the three band members and that guy playing the box) to ten in what seemed an instant - each carrying on a different instrument and just going nuts. But, the most impressive element of the show would ahve to be the crowd. Now sure there was a cat fight like just in front of me and the rowdy group to the left of Dave (Oh yeah, I dragged Dave and Jared alone and they loved it), but it was the chanting of almost every single lyric that was just beautiful. If you don't know the introduction to Add It Up, it's all sung without music. It was just so amazing singing that out at the top of my lungs like almost everybody else there. It was really something special. And the really strange thing is, it wasn't the band that was the really loud thing, it was the crowd before the encore. I had to put my hands over my ears :( - poor ears.

    Well that's it. You missed the greatest live show PinothyJ has ever seen (ever).I just hope, for your sake, that they tour again some time soon.

    what - a - show…
  • Another Radiohead Success Story

    22 Ene 2007, 10:12

    This is an email from a nice girl I met at a new years eve party:
    Hey Lindsay, Thanks for the songs only got around to downloading one, but i LOVE IT!!! it was Paranoid Android. thanks for putting me onto Radiohead. they are a great band. thanks very much, and i can't wait to download more (my computer is REALLY slow). Anyway, thanks again. hope everything's been great for you.

    Looks like another Radiohead success story…
  • Roenik - Something New for the New Year

    23 Dic 2006, 1:10

    I just recieved this email from a member.
    I found you here at and took the liberty to write to you, as I presume that you are here to share and discover music that you love or have'nt found yet. anyways... I play in an indie/rock band from Gothenburg Sweden called Roenik. We have recently released our second record independently and we are over the moon and want to spread our love around the world.

    Download and pod the tunes(free), I think you will like them!


    I would just like to publicly like to thank Jonas because I quite like his music, it's definatly a breath of fresh air of the usual crap I recieve links to. Considering they have three songs for you to download and make your own mind up I really don't see why you wouldn't.

    I would be careful though Jonas, the chorus from Whisk sounds very, very similar to Believe.

    Good luck and many best wishes with your band Jonas (oh and Merry Christmas too)…

    26 Jul 2006, 14:15

    HAPPY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY SIAMESE DREAM!!! She's given us some freaken awesome sounds these past thirteen years, god bless The Smashing Pumpkins. I guess it doesn't matter if you were there from the beginning or discovered this baby (and The Smashing Pumpkins themselves) after their first breakup like I unfortunatly did. Thirteen years is a hell of a long time in music years so it is such a beauitufl thing to see an album like Siamese Dream stand up again the rest. SIAMESE DREAM has lived the test of time so far and it's a safe bet to assume that she'll keep the world rocking for another thirteen years.

    we love you Siamese Dream…

    16 Jul 2006, 14:40

    First and foremost, Push Up. honestly, have you ever heard this song right in your ears and have managed to resist some funky, funky dance moves? I think not! This song just make you want to dance, dance, dance! there is nothing like going up an escellator with this song coming in through your ears and you there shaking because all you want to do is get down.

    ANY Massive Attack! you try rushing to get a train with angel or teardrop pulsing through your mind! it criples your body to a slow-motion walk - you just feel as if the entire world around you is on fast-forward and you are normal but really, you are walking in slowmotion and making the biggest dick of yourself. not that mind making a dick of myself it's jsut that people that et stuck beind you walking slow motion get rather irrate - selfish bastards.

    The Polyphonic Spree. if you can listen to the polyphonic spree and not sing along and want to hug random strangers then you have no soul and you are going straihgt to hell. Especially at lunch ime int he city with all the uptight ("uptight, uptight" *dances* - sorry Radiohead moment) yuppies and the "I'm suffering for my art"y types and you just bouding along looking like you've just taken a lovly concoction of drugs, found jesus, and jsut inhaled an entire canister of laughing gas. Lovely for you, but general hatred by everyone else - bastards.

    Idioteque - live. if you've ever seen 2001-04-28: Canal+ Studios, Paris, France, or any other live boot or live show then everytime you hear a live version of Idioteque you'll just want to go nuts. the problem with this one is that police like to arrest people with that kind of behaviour in public, something about dangering fellow citezen and the mentally insane or somehting like that. I have tried it and people started closing in on me - bastards.

    well that's all I can think of at the moment…

    16 Jul 2006, 14:13

    Is meds the album of the year? nah defiantly not for me is isn't. It has too many tiny things wrong with it that just snowballs. it really is a cross between Without You I'm Nothing and Sleeping with Ghosts and it's the Sleeping with Ghosts element that is killing it. Placebo need to stop hiring producers and engineers to mix, mix and remix their work. it's just become way too polished - way too commercial. with that being said Brian Molko's lyrics have definatly grown steadily throughout his career and it is great to see how far he's come. it can also be said that their styles and sounds have also come a long way but they are missing ever so much.

    It would be interesting to see what happens if they did go back to the formular they had on their first three albums. One thing that also creeps on in that become so over-used is when brain sings the final catch-prase, if you will, of the song just as all the music cuts out - that being the end of the song. this was done five or six times on this album. yes, the reason Slave to the Wage is such an awesome song is because of that fantastic ending but with the amount of times that appears on this album it sounds like they are jsut riding that good ole one trick pony - come on guys, I KNOW you're better than that. Also, on Broken Promise, this track would have been mixed a million times jsut like the rest of the album but for some reason the levels are still wrong. Michael Stipe's voice is fantastic and really reels you in, then Brian Molko's voice comes over and just drowns him out. This is just such a pity.

    it's just an album with too many holes to be album of the year I feel. I really hope they finally realise and tell their army of engineers to go home and go back to the grit that was their first three albums. come one guys, you are too good to be one of those, reach certain point of success and then sell us out by packing everything sound like a 3 minute pop tune. it happened to Grinspoon, it happened to Silverchair, it happened to The (International) Noice Conspiracy, and we don't want it happening to you.


    29 Abr 2006, 8:23


    it's official, The Smashing Pumpkins are currently writing songs for their upcoming album, their first since 2000. no release date has yet been set, but the band plans to begin recording this summer.


    *checks for in-depth details*

    The connection was reset

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    * The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

    * If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

    * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
    that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    ARRRGH! How could the spfc servers be non-existant at such a critical time like this. thay had six years of idle to be non existant, WHY NOW?


    18 Abr 2006, 8:33

    There is something that is almost comforting about a song written by mistake or from the result of random plays, stummings or thinkings out loud. Probably the most notable of these type of songs which comes to mind would have to be Machine Gun Fellatio's My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

    "This is a song I wrote by mistake, which is nice…" which is the opening statement before this little live tracks three minute, musical journey. For those who have not had the pleasure of hearing this song, it is just Pinky Beecroft and keyboard in front of an audiance, singing about his ex-girlfriend's, boyfriend's band.

    What makes this song so good? Well it would have to be that it was written by mistake. Whether that means he was stoned off his head and just started playing something and anything and only later once he was less under the influence (for those who do not know of Mr Beecroft, he is NEVER sober under any circumstance), dicovered the recording of said event; or maybe that he was inprovising one show and that entire song jsut rolled on out; or maybe he started writing about somehting completely different and that was what arrised - one can never be too sure with Pinky. Whatever the cause, this bout of avid llyrical randomness (although, for some reason unknown, the lyrics actually make more sense than any other on the Paging Mr Strike album) combined with an almost naive, 'pop' keyboard accomnyment and Pinky extremely unique and somehow almost a bit childish vocals, makes for a very, very catchy little piece that has that lovely, play over and over quality to it that does not want to tire easily.

    Another important item to note is, unlike most of Pinky's other songs he has written over the year, we see in this a very exposed Pinky, a one that is trying his hardest to be something more in the name of 'love' - at least for the sake of comedy anyway.

    My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend will always be my faviourite and is definatly the most fresh and most interesting (that is interesting and a 'ohhh that was interesting, ohhh' not in a 'okay wth, wait wtf, omfgwth&wtf!?' way) track on the album. I could just say that it's the best song on the album but then that would jsut be what I think and we could start up a whole new debate from scratch.

    My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend essencially plays out a lot like The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right) which was written about in an earlier article. I0n respects that the elements that make up the song really have very little to no impressive qualities about them but in the end make up a rather impressive little piece - in the case of My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend, in a quite simple, minimalistic manner.

    It's not a chart topper, it's not an excuse to put your downlaoding on hold to download it in FLAC or wav form to get it as pure as possible, it's just an accidental song that is a nice breathe of fresh air from all the red tape of mixed, remixed, mashed and remastered, polished and mixed down sea of bands and artist who are more familier with their engineers then their own band members.

    so here's to you My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend - *raise glass* - and all your accidental comrads…

    17 Abr 2006, 13:23

    the top three artist from each of my six 'top' neighbours and the corrisponding positions on my charts.

    Placebo - 6th
    Tegan and Sara - N/A
    Sarah Blasko - 49th

    Jack Johnson - N/A
    Hilltop Hoods - 92nd
    Powderfinger - 63rd

    The White Stripes - N/A
    The Beatles - 18th
    Machine Gun Fellatio - 24th

    Powderfinger - 63rd
    KoЯn - Not on my effing
    Dean Gray - N/A

    Coldplay - Not on my effing
    Nirvana - Not on my effing
    The Shins - N/A

    The White Stripes - N/A
    Interpol - 37th
    Pixies - N/A

    and now form my top three:

    The Smashing Pumpkins - 1st
    Radiohead - 2nd
    Pink Floyd - 3rd

    not one of them appeared on the former list! hmmph!, I demand new Neighbours!

    *storms off*…