• Meeting Tues 7th September

    15 Ago 2010, 11:14

    Yo all

    The contractions have started! Come and be present at the birth of our club.

    The time will be 7pm Tues 7th September. The place has yet to be finalised but will be my place in Kings Cross or a pub nearby.

    The first two albums for our delectation/dissection will be Blue Roses by Blue Roses, and In An Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.

    But I guess it's mainly an opportunity to meet each other and talk about how we are going to run things.

    Feel free to bring interested friends and please let me know if you are likely to be coming.

    Hope to see you in a few weeks!

  • First meeting

    8 Jun 2010, 18:05

    Greetings to all. Critical mass has been reached and we now number enough to thoroughly dissect some music.

    At our first meeting I'm sure we will spend a fair bit of time discussing how we are going to run the group - the where, when and how - but I hope we will still have time to talk about a couple of albums.

    Just for our first meeting, I would suggest that we each nominate an album, then we can take a quick vote and pick two. Let's say for now that the only requirement is that the album is available on spotify. My nomination is Neutral Milk Hotel, In An Aeroplane Over The Sea; a bit predictable maybe, but hell, it's our first meeting.

    We will meet at my place in Kings Cross at 7.30pm; we just have to fix a date. I can do just about any evening from 29th June to 29th July, so please send me a list of dates you can do and I'll pick the one with maximum attendance.

    So, to summarise, please send me an album nomination and a list of dates you can do. Post them on the group shoutbox if you prefer.

    I'm excited/intrigued about how this is gonna go - let's do it!

  • The Mae Shi: stagger in a pool of sweat with a guitarist surfing on your head

    12 May 2009, 23:46

    Tue 12 May – Abe Vigoda, The Mae Shi, Tubelord

    The best gig I've been to in years, if anyone cares. Enveloping the entire audience plus band in a parachute was a winner.