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  • M_Vreidson

    Haha I guess being shirtless would've gotten me into trouble at my old job as well, but right now it's not a problem especially in the evenings. Some air conditioning would still be nice. Even my dog is like "Go for a walk? Are you nuts???". Have a good weekend!

    1 Jul 18:49 Responder
  • M_Vreidson

    Hello again Phoelich, sorry for the late message but I've accepted your friend request by now. Getting hot here in Germany, how are things in the Netherlands? Spending my free time being shirtless, enjoying cool drinks and listening to old music.

    1 Jul 16:43 Responder
  • M_Vreidson

    Hello again, thank you for your message. Oh well I'm doing good one day and not so good every other day. Of course Lifelover is a must if you can - uh gotta check a dictionary - see further than the edge of your nose, some artists can cross borders even if they might be labeled as cuckoos or worse (not only thinking about Lifelover but also Dali or Zappa come to mind). Have a good day!

    15 Abr 17:40 Responder
  • M_Vreidson

    Just stumbled upon your profile, wanted to say hi from Germany.

    10 Abr 17:05 Responder
  • Slipknot1988

    hi and welcome

    30 May 2014 Responder
  • Yamihp8

    Ophelia, <3 . I'm so happy that you found them out , and thank you that's so sweet of you :-) I'm really glad n.n

    6 Abr 2013 Responder
  • Phrene

    Dank je! Ik kijk er erg naar uit! Droom wordt waarheid! :) Maar ik hoop ook dat ik hen daarna niet te lang hoef te missen! :)

    6 Mar 2013 Responder
  • Phrene

    Ik ken weinig mensen die Arkona niet goed vinden live, hehe. De show in Eindhoven was geweldig, ja! Maar veel te kort, he... In Essen heb ik enkel Thyrfing en Arkona bekeken, eerlijk gezegd. Dus ik zou het niet weten of je iets gemist hebt :P

    6 Mar 2013 Responder
  • Phrene

    Dankjewel! :) Ik ben beginnen scrobblen toen ik nog geen cyrillisch kon lezen, daarmee. Ik wou dat ik 't kon veranderen, maarja :P Anders ben ik mijn hele lijst kwijt en dat vind ik een beetje zonde. Was jij er ook bij in Eindhoven? :)

    6 Mar 2013 Responder
  • arwal

    The Libertines vind ik wel chille muziek, lijkt een beetje op the Clash. Lana del Rey heeft een paar prachtige nummers gemaakt, maar het is wel muziek die je wat vaker moet luisteren voordat je het gaat waarderen denk ik.

    25 Feb 2013 Responder
  • arwal

    Inderdaad, dat het super was kan ik me niet herinneren. Met Mozart ipv Jake Bugg is het een mooi lijstje met raakvlakken.

    5 Feb 2013 Responder
  • EmikoSlaughter

    Hey daar, ik ben erg blij om te horen dat mijn blog ook voor anderen wat kan betekenen.=)

    26 Dic 2012 Responder
  • Yamihp8

    Sweet pic :3

    11 Dic 2012 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    No problem, have fun ;)

    30 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    Hello. There is a new album by Mealann available. You can access it here. Thanks for listening :)

    28 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Red-haired92

    Thank you for the add ^^. Your taste is awesome! Thank you very much ^^.

    30 May 2012 Responder
  • spasa_90

    i must say i didnt like these 3 songs at all....i guess i only like Tarja in Nightwish atmosphere :) but anyway thanks :)

    14 May 2012 Responder
  • spasa_90

    I totaly agree with you about Tarja, and i wish she is still with the band, cause i heard some of her solo stuff and it all sounds like shit to me :) Will give a listen to these bands u said.

    13 May 2012 Responder
  • spasa_90

    Yeah, im mostly into the hip-hop, but i like Nightwish and similar bands too, as you can see...any recomendation maybe? And ofc, Tarja or Annette, or both? :)

    13 May 2012 Responder
  • spasa_90

    tnx for the accept, like to see nightwish on the first place :)

    13 May 2012 Responder
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Je garde toujours un œil sur toi

Listening to music is one of my favourite things in life. Music brings me excitement, gives me energy and lets my mind wander off. I prefer music with strong lyrics, good melodies, emotional expressions and beautiful sounding instruments or voices.

Another favourite thing in life is travelling. Over the years I have visited Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, England, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Austria, France, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Poland, Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Jordan and Cuba.

It is good to see so many differences between people around the world. If we all have the same appearance, language and food we would be bored to death. Let's endeavour to love one another and leave one another in it's own worth. In the end we all want to live a happy life. :)

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- Alcest
- Alestorm
- Amon Amarth
- Аркона
- Baldrs Draumar
- Bornholm
- Boudewijn de Groot
- Delain
- Enslaved
- Epica
- Ex Deo
- Finntroll
- Finsterforst
- Grailknights
- Heidevolk
- Indica
- Korpiklaani (2x)
- Mastodon
- Metsatöll
- Motörhead
- Mr. Wallace (2x)
- Nightwish
- Obscurity
- Opeth (2x)
- Pain
- Rammstein
- Ska3 (2x)
- Tarja
- The Fureys & Davey Arthur (2x)
- Turisas
- Thyrfing
- Volbeat
- Wintersun
- Within Temptation
- Wolfchant
- Xandria (2x) gadgets

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