It's Raining Again


7 Mar 2011, 23:38

I really hate the rain.

I used to love the rain when I was little. I used to live in Palm Desert, so it was almost a novelty in a way, and better yet reprieve from the scorching summers that spanned from April to October. Rain was fantastic when it was an occasional thing, something that gave you an excuse to be insular and spend a day playing video games and lazing around.

Now, of course, the rain has come with uncommon frequency this year. Maybe it simply doesn't like me - at a time in my life when I want to be out and about, I'm forced to wear jackets that look out of place in Southern California, freezing on my skinny frame and praying for brighter days. I'm terrified about the future and have had nothing but problems with girls and friends, and I want nothing more than a day to go to the beach and get a tan.

At least I have an excuse to listen to music.

Defeater's new album is pretty good. It's no Travels, but the story is the same one from their previous album told through the perspective of the older brother instead. It's still a good story, but the hardcore pieces lack the intensity of Travels. The acoustic pieces are fantastic, though. I wish they would come play a show out here.

I completely forgot about Juno, which makes me feel kind of guilty in a way. Everyone always forgets about Juno. this is the way it goes and goes and goes is still an absolutely stellar album, it's just not very memorable in some strange fashion. It definitely deserves better than the meager respects it receives.

After letting it stew for some amount of time, I'm still a bit underwhelmed by Snowing's I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted. It's a good album in its own right, but it has completely unrealistic expectations to live up to. I doubt thirty plus minutes of Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit's sound would make for a very compelling full length album, but I still hoped it would somehow happen that way, no matter how unrealistic.

I'm considering going to Soma this Friday. The scene is always pretty fun (if not a little young), and Dance Gavin Dance is probably worth the price of admission, even if I'm not exactly crazy about the rest of the lineup. Still, a show is a show, and it gives me something to do on Friday.

Also, I've been wanting to learn how to play something for a pretty good while. I could pick up a bass and do my best Death from Above 1979 impression, or I could take a hint from my dad, who burned me a few Reason tutorials on a whim. The whole electronic music scene is awesome, but tenfold more intimidating than any other. My dad has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on a full home studio, and still has barely scraped the surface of any of it over the span of about a decade.

And that's it, I guess!


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