a dream a rollercoaster of moods a sign of good things to come adorable ah 2002 ah the good old days all those that hoped this was bright eyes can piss right off amazing as scary as the depths of hell itself awesome beautiful best christmas cover ever blatent rip off of the love cats brilliant can you be any cuter candyland catchy chillzz chris you babe cover croaky cute cutest cover ever dude - german english love epic epiphany music everyone should like this band fab live floaty time funky gloriously camp gorgeous happy haunting hehehe crickets hilarious hilarious yet so evil how rude hypnotic i blame my mum for my liking of this song i cant understand a word hes saying but i like it all the same i could listen to this all day in fact i think i will i have never heard of this song in my life yet it is on a mix cd i made when i was… i hear dead people i heard this and instantly recognised owen pallett i love this band i want to have sex to this song if my life was a movie - this would be my soundtrack im on a boat motherfucker just look around love just the claps lol love love at first listen lulz forevs missed them at leeds fest aww musical perfection oh my god oh my god sexy oh my heart oh there you are omg win punk rockers did not wear flowers in their hair put it in her butt quirky r u dev rarghh really darn cute sad seen live seen live twice sexy shit something about crying about angels or some shit like that something good has actually came from the uk stuck in my head forever summer the best they ruined this song this freaks me out to no end this is not just a song this song makes me want to weep like a small child this tune creates insanity too good to be left just for christmas trade my wisdom in for tits trogdoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor underrated very cool very odd voice well done you ruined it what the fuck when your around what where tropical breezes blow why are you so lovely why the hell do i like this wow wow what yay and hooray and yippee and huzzah you do not sound like mr pallett