Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim (Single) Review


3 Ago 2011, 21:34

Miranda Lambert is currently the focal point regarding female country singers. Since the release of her third studio album, Revolution (which blessed country music with fantastic singles such as Dead Flowers, White Liar and her magnus opus The House That Built Me, which net her her first Grammy for Female Country Vocal Performance), Miranda has had a streak of success shine down on her, with multiple accolades - two time ACM Female Vocalist winner and a nomination for Entertainer of The Year - close, but no cigar - the prize went to equally talented female country artist and fan favorite powerhouse Taylor Swift. Regardless of who the victor was, it sure shows that Miranda's vocals and album were strong enough to compete with the very best in her genre.

Time passes, and things change. That is no different for Miranda, as she recently tied the knot with country singer Blake Shelton, and if people were concerned she would go soft, her fiery side would shoot you just to prove you wrong with a bang. Thus, we arrive at an emotional standpoint, the first single off Four the Record, with Baggage Claim. And as usual regarding her subject material, this song is a revenge anthem.

Lambert starts off with I have been draggin’ around your sensitive ego / Making sure your bags arrive on time / For the dog and pony show / A leather suitcase like a brick / It kind of makes it hard to get a grip / I drop your troubles off at the conveyor built / I hand you a ticket to go get it yourself. A nice but unusual metaphor.

Miranda's songs are never easy to understand right from the get-go, they are filled with thoughtfully, witty penned lyrics - this is another case. We have to look less to the simple luggage conveyor belt analogy and more toward an image of her saying "I'm pissed, kicking you out, so come pick up your crap and leave". Basically, it's emotional housecleaning, as proved by the chorus: At the baggage claim / You got a lot of luggage in your name / When you hit the ground, check the lost and found ’cause it ain’t my problem now / I can’t carry it on / I got a lot of troubles on my own / It’s all over the yard and the trunk of the car / I’m packing’ it it / So come and get it.

Instrumentally, this song features a great, catchy riff, sharing similarities with some of Dolly Parton's sounds - diehard country fans will adore this, and the organ that pops up later also adds some originality.

However, Miranda has never been good with lead singles. Dead Flowers was the chosen one for Revolution, and because of its dark and somewhat macabre lyrics the song flopped. White Liar, the follow-up single, finally kicked off what would be her most successful album to date. The difference between Dead Flowers and Baggage Claim is the lyrical quality. The former was so creatively written that it turned into a rare gift, which critics considered to be worthy of songwriting excellence. The latter, however, is simply a decent, but somewhat lacking attempt at breaking the lead single weakness.

In regards to airplay, this song won't be an instant hit, because it was never written with that primary goal in mind. Traditional country fans will enjoy the great instrumental and Lambert's excellent vocals - as usual - but most will need more convincing before they settle for her new material.

Final Rating: C (6/10)

Bottom line: Baggage Claim features catchy instrumentals and great vocals amidst a lyrical letdown.


  • SaruniaL

    "Better In The Long Run" should definitely be a next single from Four the Record, it's just extremely awesome duet with Blake.. They should sing more duet songs together!

    7 Nov 2011, 18:56
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